It's a Day, and So Cory Booker Rescued an Abused Dog


I know, I know, we’ve already determined that Cory Booker is a shitty imaginary boyfriend, but then he keeps doing things that are really fucking great and we can’t help but thinking — should we try one more time to make it work??

In the latest example of his otherworldy goodness, someone tweeted at the mayor about a a dog locked in a small crate for four days. We already know he’s into saving critters, so it’s no surprise that Booker booked it to the house to rescue the little guy. (And I don’t care if it’s a publicity stunt or not, he still saved a dog and sent a clear message to the community that animal abuse won’t stand!)

With the help of animal control, he saved the dog and the day and is it hot in here?? BECAUSE CALL ME, MR. MAYOR.

[Daily Dot]

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