It's Best To Meet Your Bugs Before You Eat Them


After eating bugs in methods both crude and extremely refined, our journey into the dark heart of entomophagy for sustenance and fun reaches its inevitable conclusion. Joined by our new best friends Adam Brody and Jude Tallichet from the Brooklyn Cricket Farm, Rich and I visited the small cricket friends that we would later, eventually, consume, to learn more about the delicate art of raising bugs in Brooklyn. It turns out you don’t need much to have a successful cricket farm—just a few supplies, a little bit of patience, and a buttload of gumption.

A few weeks after we visited the little crickets, we were delighted to discover that they had perished and were ready for consumption. Armed with a newfound appreciation for bugs and also a renewed sense of adventure, we made ourselves cricket-stuffed peppers, which were a delicious second breakfast—nutritious, full of protein, definitely keto, and honestly, pretty good.

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