J'Adore Rihanna's Dior Spot (Now in Full, With New Song!) 


Rihanna’s full Dior spot has emerged and it’s beautiful: not only does she get to romp around Versailles—a rare honor—in flattering blue-and-fuschia lighting, she gets to wear that godsend of a silver sequined turtleneck gown from pre-fall 2015.

More importantly, the clip features more from that new song, as promised, excerpted from her forthcoming album. Not that much more, though—it’s just the production, a moody beat, violins and a sample of Florence & the Machine’s “If Only For a Night,” which is where Rihanna derives the title of her own song—registered under ASCAP as “A Night,” not “If Only For a Night,” as previously reported. Because Rihzus’ vocals are not on this track, we do not know how this will play out, but suffice to say I am VERY skeptical that Rihanna would do a straight cover of a fairly new song by a popular artist and put it on her album.

Regardless, the beat (and sample) are put together by Mitus, a 20-year-old producer signed to Roc Nation, registered under ASCAP with his government name, Christian Keyon Jr. Boggs. The new Rihanna album cannot drop fast enough.

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