Jay-Z-Owned Fragrance Company To Sell Scent Of A Mystery Female Artist

  • The future will smell like Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West. (And, if I’m understanding “established female artist” correctly, Beyoncé.) [WWD]
  • Kim Gordon hates it when you call some fashion thing “fierce.” [The Cut]
  • Meanwhile, Solange Knowles snagged a spot in the new Op campaign. That’s that Wal-Mart brand that egregiously Photoshopped Rumer Willis last year. [WWD]
  • Marc Jacobs‘ people say they have no plans to use Anne Hathaway in any future advertising. So who will be in his fall campaign, now that Posh is concentrating on her own dress line? [People]
  • For Easter, why not consider Florentine Armani-branded chocolate eggs from the Armani store? They start at $15 for 3.5 oz, and if you buy one of the $145 big eggs, inside you will find a “gift”, like an Armani luggage tag. [NY Times]
  • Speaking of Florence, Proenza Schouler is going to show in Europe for the first time this June at the city’s fashion trade fair. But it’s not going to be a “show” show, says designer Lazaro Hernandez. Expect a surprise! [WWD]
  • The company that makes Crocs is on the cusp of bankruptcy. This is the week it has to pay off $22.4 million in debt from its revolving credit line — and nobody believes it has the money. Ready for a wistful look back? This article connects the success of the shoes that “looked like clogs that had mated with bath mats” to 9/11 (“in 2002, America was, more than anything, a country desperately in need of comfort”) and a culture that privileges being noticed over looking good. [Smart Set]
  • Daniel Vosovic is in the early stages of planning the launch of an eponymous line. He plans to hit a contemporary price point (aka nice dresses for $300-$800, like 3.1 Philip Lim and Alexander Wang), and it will be made domestically. He foresees beginning with presentations, not runway shows, for cost reasons, and he wants to debut for fall/winter 2010. He also tells an adorable story about how Tim Gunn used to have a tea set in his office at Parsons, and have people in for advice and a cuppa. [The Cut]
  • Michelle Obama wore fake lashes in Europe, so this writer would like to let you know about some other weapons in the eyelash product arsenal. There are lash strips, individual fake lash clumps, semi-permanently glued lash extensions, and a prescription eyedrop adapted from its original use as a treatment for glaucoma. Of that last one, it should be noted, “There has been some controversy over possible side-effects, but that is unlikely to stop women from trying it.” [Times of London]
  • Richie Rich: Finds doing Pammy‘s bidding and producing vegan clothing difficult. For his own line, he intends to do “a plus size.” I would make a crack about how one probably won’t suffice, but I rather suspect Rich has simply fallen into one of the most basic patterns of fashionspeak: treating plural nouns as singular. Pants become “a pant.” (“We’re doing a very nice pant this season.”) Shoes become “the shoe.” (“The shoe is very important to our customer this spring.”) (Truly. See for yourself.) Throw in a few well-judged repetitions of “fabulous!” and one mention each of “fabrication” and “costing” and you’ll probably pass. [The Cut]
  • Expectations are that LVMH will have strong quarterly results to report next week. [WWD]
  • The Savannah College of Art and Design has honored Robin Givhan — the Pulitzer-toting fashion scribe for the Washington Post — and Russell Simmons at its annual gala. [FWD]
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