Jazz Hands And Glitz At Drama League All Star Gala


Forget Good, Bad or Ugly: At the Drama League’s gala in NYC last night, the clothes were so odd, the women so sassy, that they fell into a special fourth category: Broadway Awesomeness!

Broadway Awesomeness:

Chita Rivera: once the Spider Woman, always the Spider Woman!

Do the shoes clash? Yes! Is the dress kinda ill-fitting? Yes! Is Cady Huffman having a ball? Hell’s yes!

Julie Halston….for New York, in February, during a snow storm? Oh, why not?

Daphne Rubin-Vega defies me to find fault with her wholly unseasonal and aggressively bizarre getup. Sorry, m’dear! I say rock on!

Eloise Mumford teaches us that angelic pink plus demonic expression is always a “Do.”

A dash of Stevie, a little bridal, a pinch of LARP adds up, in Bonnie Comley’s case, to a serious dose of awesome.

Well, yes, Donna Murphy’s slink does kind of make me wonder what the actual specified dress code was.

We have saved the best – and I do mean best, possibly in the world, galaxy, universe etc. – for last. Ladies and germs, Jano Herbosch!

[Images via Getty]

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