Jenifer Lewis on Living Your Best Life


The mother of Black Hollywood and a Jezebel favorite, Black-ish star Jenifer Lewis, stopped by our office to share her best advice on finding love in the digital era, avoiding scammers, staying young forever, and navigating social media. Here are some highlights.

Make like Inspector Gadget on the first date:

“Here’s the thing about a first date: If he doesn’t ask about you, and you just start talking about yourself leave him alone. If you don’t ask about him, that means you’re not interested… There’s a lot of con artists out there, so pay attention.”

Sex is boring if the love isn’t there:

“It’s not the sex, baby. It’s the love. If that man can’t look in your eyes when he’s inside of you, then that’s not working now, is it?… Anybody can fuck. It’s boring. Find a friend and let it come from a loving place.”

Avoid Joanne the Scammers on social media:

“Don’t get addicted to it. Get out in the world. Get off those fucking phones and be careful on social media. There are so many scams.”

Watch the video above for more pearls of wisdom from Lewis about beauty, politics, and more.

Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry, Associate Producer/Editor: Kayra Clouden

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