Jennifer Aniston's Home For "Single" Ladies; Mel Gibson's On-Air Expletive

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  • Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of Architectural Digest following the 2½ year overhaul of her home. But even though the mag is not a tabloid, it emphasizes Aniston’s single status:

“[The house] originally had his-and-hers baths, but Aniston has turned the ‘his’ into a spa bath with a soaking tub,” the magazine reports. People compounds the damage with the headline: “Jennifer Aniston Remodels Home for the Single Life. As though Brazilian teak, a master bedroom with wool-and-silk shag carpet and a platform bed with are reserved for “singles.” [People]

  • Beyoncé will star in a 60-second Vizio commercial during the Super Bowl on Sunday; apparently she wil sing, dance and shimmy in a spot by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Wally Pfister. [Gatecrasher]
  • As you may have seen in Tweet Beat, Lady Gaga got a tattoo for all of her Little Monsters. [Perez]
  • Madonna was “dumped” by Jesus Luz because they had nothing in common, says a source. Commenter Jane from Penzance says: “He isn’t that special however he has got what he wanted a career and she has had a bit of young man in her life. I could not live with her as her voice does my head in.” [Daily Mail]
  • What is wrong with people? Kanye West does not fly business class! Jeez. [Page Six]
  • Simon Cowell has the flu, which means he couldn’t participate in Britain’s Got Talent auditions today. [Daily Mail]
  • Randy Jackson, American Idol judge and executive producer of America’ Best Dance Crew, is being accused of stealing the idea for a reality show about a dance crew. [TMZ]
  • Fox Chief Exec Rupert Murdoch says there have been no “real negotiations” with Conan O’Brien. Sigh. [WSJ]
  • Johnny Depp making a documentary about Keith Richards makes perfect sense. [Mirror]
  • Are Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr on the rocks? [Perez]
  • Prince Harry saw that portrait of himself and Prince William and commented: “I don’t know, I’m a little bit more ginger in there than I am in real life, I think, I don’t know, and [William] got given more hair so, apart from that, it is what it is, but no its nice, it could have been worse.”This paper is trying to make it into a ginger issue, reporting it as a “he thinks his locks were given too much of a red tint” story. Nice try. [Herald Sun]
  • Rihanna will be in Australia doing promotion for three days and will spend Valentine’s Day in Sydney. []
  • Here’s video of Mel Gibson calling a Chicago TV reporter an “asshole” on the air. Pot/kettle. [TMZ, WGN, Us Magazine]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray is preparing to surrender in connection with the death of Michael Jackson; he met with his defense team yesterday. [TMZ]
  • This report claims there is no public time table for charges to be filed against Dr. Conrad Murray. The doctor’s lawyer says: “I haven’t received any phone call from anybody asking for the doctor to surrender. If we get the call, we’ll be happy to.” [AP]
  • According to this report, the DA’s office has a criminal complaint ready and Dr. Conrad Murray should be charged this morning. [TMZ]
  • Samantha is getting a new “boy toy’ for Sex And The City Two: Manolos Take Manhattan and his name is Noah Mills and he’s a model who’ll be playing a “tough but gorgeous blue collar type.” Pardon me whilst I yawn. [LA Times]
  • Tom Ford on his Single Man star, Colin Firth: “Colin is a handsome man and I thought he might be even a little more handsome. There is a lot of nudity in the film, so, yes, he did work out.” Colin says: “I worked my ass off just so I could get to the point where Tom might be able to like me.” [Telegraph]
  • In a video at the link, Lost‘s Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly talk about the end of the show. Lilly, who does not own a TV, says that Growing Pains was the last show finale she saw. “I cried my heart out,” she says. “I was in love with Kirk Cameron.” [WSJ]
  • Brittany Murphy‘s husband, Simon Monjack, has called off the launch party for his new Brittany Murphy Foundation. Monjack had been reportedly soliciting $1,000 donations per person to attend. [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Lopez‘s craptastic-looking movie The Back-Up Plan has been delayed. Never a good sign. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • As you may have seen in Tweet Beat, Lily Allen has returned to Twitter after a four month break. [The Sun]
  • Timbaland was in Las Vegas and tried to get someone to open the Louis Vuitton store for him even though it was closed, to no avail. “He had to wear a sweater from his suitcase for his show.” [Page Six]
  • “According to Faces of America, PBS’s new documentary on genealogy, Meryl Streep, Yo-Yo Ma and Eva Longoria Parker are distantly related.” [Page Six]
  • Also according to Faces Of America: Uber-Catholic Stephen Colbert found out that his family descends from Lutherans.”There were tears.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Ellen Pompeo showed off a picture of her new daughter, Stella Luna, on Ellen Degeneres show yesterday. The baby was being held by her dad and they were both wearing gingham. Pompeo said of her husband: “Chris – he loves dressing her up like him. He goes out and buys her clothes that look like his clothes.” Is there an infant tuxedo in that girl’s future? [Access Hollywood]
  • Mena Suvari: Getting married this summer. [Page Six]
  • Jersey Shore star The Situation is trying to trademark “The Situation:” and wants to put “The Situation” on a variety of clothing items, including bathing suits, underpants, tennis wear and tracksuits. [MSNBC Scoop]
  • You think you want to see Gerard Butler‘s butt, but you don’t. [ONTD]
  • Thank Athena someone straightened out whatever was going on with Michael Jackson‘s dead giraffes. It was just undignified. [TMZ]
  • George Clooney‘s 1997 film Batman And Robin was named “the most disastrous film ever made.” [Reuters]
  • Whatshername got married in Vegas. [BBC News, Daily Mail]
  • “What happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna was unacceptable, and we need to all work together and make sure it never happens again, to anyone.” — Ne-Yo, who is donating proceeds from his new single, to Re spect!, a nonprofit devoted to ending violence in relationships. [Page Six]
  • “I remember thinking before we started shooting, ‘OK, how does a thoughtful, smart woman who’s trying to get her life on track, to be a good mom, how does she fall for a serious drunk?’ And then you know what? I never thought about it again. I think that’s how it happens.” — Maggie Gyllenhaal, on Crazy Heart. [Rolling Stone]
  • “I have raised my personal donation from $250,000 to $1 million. I did this realizing that after the next big story comes along, the news media will pack up and leave the people of Haiti to fend for themselves. They always do. So my plan is to do just what I did when I built those 20 houses for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes it’s best to wait for the frenzy to pass to really be effective. Haiti needs help now and there are a lot of people doing that, but they will also need help in the coming months.” — Tyler Perry. [ET]
  • “She’s incredible. I think she’s the new ‘it girl’ in the industry. She has so much a swagger. I actually got to hang out with her at the NRJ Awards. It’s really her life – that’s just who she is, which is what I appreciate.” — Rihanna, on Ke$ha. I know, I know. [Just Jared]
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