Jeopardy Becomes Lonely Dystopian Wasteland With Worst Episode Ever [Updated]


Behold, the future! The year is 2090 and it has a message for you: “You’ve wasted your time on earth.”

Tonight’s episode of Jeopardy was abysmal, pathetic and every other adjective that you could use to describe something bad. Not only did Alex Trebek actually admit that it “wasn’t one of the show’s best episodes,” but Final Jeopardy was an epic shitshow, with its final competitor losing even though she had no one to compete against even getting the final question wrong [Ed note: Corrected and clarified 2:29 pm 3/13]. And then she was thrown into an arena to be eaten by wild dogs made with the DNA of all the former losers (including my friend Eamon who almost crushed the entire thing a few weeks back) (Sorry, dude!).


Look at the amazing facial expressions of Stephanie, who will never, ever live this down at home:

The good news is that the lone woman standing before you did not lose all her money. She certainly didn’t win prevail over Final Jeopardy (because she got the answer wrong), but at least she gets to walk away with more than $6,000 and what shreds remain of her dignity. Bring her back tomorrow night! (That’s how this show works, right?)

If you’re interested, Uproxx reports that the last time this kind of thing happened was on an episode that aired on March 16, 2011.

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