Jeremy Piven Poisoned? Sounds Fishy, Say Experts

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  • None other than the National Fisheries Institute has responded to Entourage actor Jeremy “Thermometer” Piven’s claims that he has suffered from mercury poisoning.

The organization says: “People in Japan eat 154 pounds of fish a year on average. If Piven ate 6 ounces of fish a day for his whole life, he’d still eat less than the average Japanese. Despite this, there is no public health concern about mercury in Japan.” [YouTube]

  • The good news? We have more info about Amy Poehler‘s new sitcom: She’ll play a mid-level bureaucrat in an Indiana city parks and recreation department who’s looking to get ahead. It’s a “comedic take on how government works in an American town.” The bad news? It doesn’t start until April. [AP]
  • Hollywood will descend on Washington, D.C. for the inauguration festivities. Between the Creative Coalition party, the bash, the Huffington Post party and the DNC Hispanic Caucus Gala, the town will host Sting, Adrian Grenier, Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Trudie Styler, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Saarsgaard, Rosario Dawson, Michael Stipe, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Sheryl Crow, Tom Hanks, Ed Harris and Ron Howard, among others. Oh, and, of course, Oprah. [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Aretha Franklin loves Barack Obama! She says: “I heard him sing a fabulous version of “Chain Of Fools” at an event in Detroit last year. He has a good, melodic voice.” [Daily Express]
  • Beyoncé will sing for the Obamas’ first inaugural dance. Will it be a version of Etta James’ “At Last”? [Concrete Loop]
  • Sigh: The end of the Bush administration means the end of David Letterman‘s “Great Moments In Presidential Speeches.” There will be a retrospective tonight! [AP]
  • What’s up with the Sex And The City sequel? Even though Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall seem to think the next flick is a realistic possibility, Chris Noth “doesn’t think it’s gonna happen” and Evan “Harry Goldenblatt” Handler says: “I have no idea whether it will happen or not.” Maybe there are no dudes in part 2? [E!]
  • Toni Colette says of United States Of Tara: “When I read the script, it was like a juicy page-turner that was full of surprises, and it made me laugh out loud. It was very moving, and as soon as I finished reading it, I was like, ‘Yep, I’m doing it.'” The series starts Sunday! [USA Today]
  • Uh-oh: Hollywood studios are going to cut back on the lucrative pay deals movie stars get due to a decline in DVD sales. This is how it starts! Next thing you know, you’re merely rich instead of incredibly wealthy. [FT]
  • St. Lucia’s Tourism Minister is thanking Amy Winehouse for bringing publicity to the Caribbean island; he says every picture shows Winehouse smiling or interacting with the locals, and the overall impact has been positive. “Any edge that you can get, you hang on to it,” says Allen Chastanet. [Mirror]
  • Lance Bass has been talking about a ‘N Sync reunion, but JC Chasez says: “No. We haven’t discussed anything like that. I don’t know. Honestly, I can’t speak for him or as to why he would say that but I know nothing about one.” Ouch. Tearin’ up my heart! [Perez]
  • Little Edie enthusiasts: How do we feel about this “first look” at Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange in Grey Gardens? [Just Jared]
  • Lily Allen has done this before, but she recently showed Dutch TV her third nipple. In addition, she reveals she has a Homer Simpson tattoo, but when she finds out that Krusty The Clown also has a superfluous nipple, you can almost see her thinking “Dammit, maybe I should have gotten the clown.” Click for video! [Perez]
  • Oh, Lily Allen is not wearing pants on the cover of Spin. [ONTD]
  • Isla Fisher‘s eyebrows sorta jump out at you from the cover of Allure, but maybe that’s due to the nude lip? [ONTD]
  • A dude who runs a head shop talks about how Brad Pitt used to come in all the time. “He came in once and was excited about smoking with one of his very big-name co-stars. ‘We blaze (smoke pot) every day in his trailer,’ Brad boasted. He had a huge grin on his face.” [ONTD]
  • Edie Falco is coming back to TV: She’ll shoot a Showtime series called Nurse Jackie, which airs this summer. And! She might return to 30 Rock as Jack’s love interest, even though she says when she first worked on the show: “I was actually very scared. You watch Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey; it’s like they are speaking Swahili. It’s like, ‘What the hell is this?’ ” [E!]
  • Conan O’Brien will officially be out of work come February 20, and Jimmy Fallon starts March 2. [Yahoo News via E!]
  • Cindy McCain was supposed to be on Dancing With The Stars, but John put the kibosh on it? [Page Six]
  • Blind item! “What funnyman’s wife caught him in bed with another man? Sister straight-up dumped her dude after catching that class act.” [Gatecrasher]
  • So. The Gossip Girl spinoff. A teen romance between Lily van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey. Set in the ’80s, in the L.A. music scene. Could be awesome, could be awful. [Gatecrasher]
  • Whoops, Whoopi Goldberg accidentally called Josh Brolin James at an awards show. [Gatecrasher]
  • Whitney Houston will perform at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party? We want to see! [Page Six]
  • Ugh: Why the hell is accomplished race car driver Danica Patrick showering in this web domain commercial? [USA Today]
  • This paper says of Kylie Minogue‘s new Spanish hunk, who sorta looks like Olivier Martinez: “He’s tall with smouldering Latin looks and a fear of commitment. Is it true love for Kylie or DEJA PHEW!” [The Sun]
  • Casey Affleck is directing a documentary feature on Joaquin Phoenix, his friend and brother-in-law. Phoenix’s new career? He is becoming a rapper, and his album will be produced by Sean Combs. This is not a joke. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Sean Combs says of the Notorious BIG movie: “My experiences with Biggie happened when we were still young, and to be honest, it was kind of weird to see myself that way on screen.” [WSJ]
  • Howie Mandel says that since he’s a germaphobe, being in the hospital for an irregular heartbeat was very difficult: “I wouldn’t put on the gown or the customary clothing. I remained clothed and in my boots on the gurney and in the hospital!” [People]
  • Billy Ray Cyrus was seen riding his motorcycle without a helmet in L.A., which is illegal. Doesn’t he know the helmet gives you anonymity? Ask Brad Pitt! [Perez]
  • Congrats to Monica Seles, who was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame yesterday. [UPI]
  • TV adventure man Bear Grylls and his wife Shara have a new baby boy: Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne Grylls. Welcome to the world, Huck. [People]
  • Aerosmith’s in Venezuela and Joe Perry’s in the hospital; he had a knee replacement last March and suddenly needed a second operation, stat. [E!]
  • By the by, Steven Tyler says he and Joe Perry never battled over women: “Well, we didn’t compete, but we did share. And the crabs won.” He also says his first sexual experience: “was at the age of seven with twins.” And the band had a rule: “You didn’t have sex for 10 days at the end of tour, but that was so you’d be sure to go home with a full cup of chowder.” As the kids say: Vom. [ONTD]
  • Oh dear, is there bullying going on in the Celebrity Big Brother house? And is Coolio at the center of it? A communications watchdog organization is investigating. [The Sun]
  • Boy George will be sentenced today for falsely imprisoning a male escort. He could get three months in jail or 300 hours of community service. [Daily Express]
  • Guy Ritchie was seen dining at a NYC restaurant and not paying attention to the table full of “young model types” he was with. [Page Six]
  • Nostalgia alert: The Trumps used to race the Kennedys on the ski slopes. [Page Six]
  • “The reality is that Kids was my first film, and when I did it people thought that I was like the character, and that is one of the reasons that Spike Lee wanted to hire me for He Got Game. When he met me and saw that I wasn’t that person he appreciated that I had actually acted in that part, and he was really great with me and forced me to be stronger in my acting.” — Rosario Dawson. [Independent]
  • “I still love everybody that I’ve ever had a relationship with. I am friends with them all. When I met Chris [Robinson] it was like nothing else. I had no question that I was going to have a kid with him. Every rule went out the window. We were telling each other we loved each other by the fourth day and I moved in within a week. I had no question that we were going to get married. He’s still a permanent fixture in my life, But I believe our love changed its form, it shifted. I don’t think we were meant to be married, but I think we were meant to have a child and we have this amazing little boy together – therefore we’ll be together our entire lives. Whoever he ends up with, whoever I end up with, we’ll always be together.” — Kate Hudson. [Mirror]
  • “I have never really understood how I should feel or behave in a relationship,” the former child star reveals. “I didn’t have the kind of childhood or family life that would have given me any perspective on what a happy home or relationship would feel like. So I haven’t had as much success in my relationships as I would have liked… You can’t live your life blaming your failures on your parents and what they did or didn’t do for you. You’re dealt the cards that you’re dealt. I realised it was a waste of time to be angry at my parents. The best thing I can do is use all the things I’ve learned from them, good and bad, have my own family someday and just keep on going.” — Drew Barrymore[Mirror]
  • “Every time you buy a Nirvana record, part of that money is not going to Kurt’s child, or to me, it’s going to a handful of Jew loan officers, Jew private banks, it’s going to lawyers who are also bankers.” — Ladies and gentlemen: Ms. Courtney Love. [Page Six]
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