Jerry Seinfeld Likes a ‘Real Man’

“I miss a dominant masculinity," the comedian whined to Bari Weiss on her podcast. "Yeah, I get the toxic thing, but I still like a real man.”

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Jerry Seinfeld Likes a ‘Real Man’

Chances are, if you read Jezebel, you don’t listen to Bari Weiss‘ podcast (me either, obviously). Frankly, I don’t need to in order to glean we’re not missing all that much. But occasionally, some silly little thing she or her guest says gets a headline or two, and I get to giggle.

This week, Jerry Seinfeld went on Honestly With Bari Weiss and, like every other person who’s recently given a commencement speech that made me nauseous, bemoaned the supposed death of dominant masculinity.

“I miss a dominant masculinity,” the comedian whined to Weiss. “Yeah, I get the toxic thing, but I still like a real man.” Now, you might wonder what Seinfeld’s exact criteria of a “real man” is or how a guy whose most recent film credit is *checks notes* the origin story of the Pop-Tart co-starring Amy Schumer (Zionists-R-Us, am I right?), is somehow the arbiter of such. Me too! Well, he theorized that the last “real man” can be traced back to the 1960s…you know, before an “agreed-upon hierarchy” was “vaporized.”

“That is why people lean on the horn and drive in the crazy way that they drive,” Seinfeld said. “Because we have no sense of hierarchy. And as humans, we don’t really feel comfortable like that.”

“That’s part of what makes that moment attractive looking back,” he added, referencing the sixties. “I always wanted to be a real man. I never made it, [but] in that era, it was JFK. It was Mohammed Ali. It was Sean Connery, Howard Cosell…that’s a real man.” So, a couple of serial cheaters and accused (and in Connery’s case, admitted) abusers? Got it.

Is there a “real man” in today’s pecking order? If you ask Seinfeld, he—very surprisingly did not cite himself. Instead, he actually thinks his other Unfrosted co-star, Hugh Grant, is the blueprint.

“He knows how to dress. He knows how to talk. He’s charming. He has stories, he’s comfortable at dinner parties, he knows how to get a drink.”

OK, if you have a crush on him, just say that!

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