Travis Scott, Tyga, and Cher’s Boyfriend Got Into a Fight at Cannes

Models "flying everywhere"! An ice bucket injury! Here's what happened at an afterparty in Cannes.

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Travis Scott, Tyga, and Cher’s Boyfriend Got Into a Fight at Cannes

On Friday, news of an altercation at a Cannes afterparty reached American shores. According to Page Six, Travis Scott, Tyga, and Alexander A.E. Edwards (aka Cher’s boyfriend) are reported to have found themselves in what sounds like one hell of a tussle in the early hours.

“Models were flying everywhere in the melee,” a source told the tabloid of the fight. “Someone got hit with an ice bucket.” The exact cause of models “flying everywhere” is cruelly unspecified but I am savoring the mental image.

Apparently, it all went down around 5 a.m. when Richie Akiva, the “King of Nightclubs,” offered a shoutout to Tyga and Edwards from the DJ booth. “We got T-Raww, A.E., and Travis in the building,” he reportedly said. But it seems Scott was offended all three were announced to the club’s crowd. According to a source, Scott responded by allegedly grabbing the mic right out of Akiva’s hands, which then led Edwards to tell the rapper, “Let him show love.”

“Travis was the aggressor,” a source said. “He and his team were being neurotic, erratic and crazy. He was there looking for a fight with anyone to be honest.” The guy accused of inciting riots at his own shows for years? I simply cannot fathom. And I’m sure that Kylie Jenner having previously dated two of the three parties involved had absolutely nothing to do with how things escalated either…

According to eyewitnesses, Edwards attempted to put a stop to the situation while Scott sought backup from his producer, Southside, who pushed Edwards. Then, Edwards is alleged to have tossed Scott from the stage before proceeding to “beat up” the rapper alongside Tyga’s assistant. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Cher? Being courted by a man capable of such violence? Come on, now. And where the hell was Tyga during all of this? Despite multiple reports alleging otherwise, he was—per Page Six and TMZ—just laying low on the sidelines the whole time. Unfortunately, videos of the incident are sadly too dark to tell who exactly is fighting. I know. Onlookers couldn’t even put the flash on? Lame!

Sometime later, the brawl was broken up without any serious injuries and all parties just…went home leaving a series of casualties in their wake. Meanwhile, Kris Jenner is nearby assessing what content can be made of this.

Watch this space!

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