Jesse James Arrested… By Paparazzo; Paula Abdul Headed To Broadway

  • A paparazzo called the police today to report that Jesse James vandalized his car. Jesse told the cops the man has been stalking him, then he and the photographer put each other under citizen’s arrest.
  • Police are investigating, but didn’t actually arrest either man. [TMZ]
  • A third woman claiming to be Jesse James‘ mistress has come forward: photographer Brigitte Daguerre says they only had sex four times, but they sent each other dirty texts and e-mails for a year. The 195 texts are reportedly “extremely graphic.” [TMZ]
  • Brigitte Daguerre reports that Jesse James was a “dud in bed.. who only cared about himself.” Doesn’t she mean a “dud on couch”? [Radar]
  • Brigitte Daguerre says that the last time she and Jesse James had sex in his office a picture of Sandra Bullock popped up as his screen saver. [Radar]
  • There’s a fourth Jesse James mistress who is preparing to come forward. She’s hired Gloria Allred, who also represents several Tiger Woods mistresses. [Radar]
  • Gloria Allred released a statement today saying, “I represent a beautiful model and business woman. [Jesse James] pursued her and he had strong feelings for her. She is in the process of trying to decide if she will come forward. She has proof of their relationship including hundreds of texts, emails and photos. The relationship just ended recently after the scandal broke.” [Us]
  • Ugh. The Insider unearthed audio of Niecy Nash asking Sandra Bullock about the Tiger Woods scandal in January. She says, “If I were Elin … man, I would have hit a lot more than she did … I would have kept hitting!” Nash asks, “You would still be swinging the golf club?” and Sandra replies, “Yeah, she stopped. She was respectable. I’d get the baseball bat, I’d get everything out.” [Fox News]
  • Around the same time Jesse James was allegedly hooking up with Michelle McGee, he did an interview in which Howard Stern asked if Sandra Bullock was the “best lover” of his life. Jesse said, “Absolutely, hands down.” He added that when they started dating, “all of her friends, absolutely, like 100 percent, [were] like, ‘No way, we’re putting a stop to this. This is no good.'” [Us]
  • Sandra Bullock‘s longtime costumer Joel Voorhies says, “for her to marry someone at 40, it’s a big deal…She was head-over-heels. [Jesse James] was the one. And maybe he still is.” Voorhies added, “I don’t think she’s sitting around balling her eyes out. She’s probably trying to be proactive. I would hope she gave him a good smack upside the head, at least!” [Us]
  • Another friend says Sandra Bullock, “needs time to grieve and process what has happened,” because, “her family was everything to her.” [People]
  • Janine Lindemulder is currently living in a federal half-way facility for tax evasion, but her husband Jeremy Aikman says, “As part of her court order, Janine is allowed to speak with Sunny over the phone and that is giving her strength. Obviously, everybody is trying to protect Sunny although it was unfair what was said about Janine because she is a good mom.” [Radar]
  • In Touch is reporting that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have moved into separate homes (that are connected) but her rep says it’s not true: “How many times have we seen this rumour come and go? (It is a) complete fabrication (without) an ounce of truth.” [Daily Express]
  • Jon Gosselin has been dumped by his girlfriend Morgan Christie. A source reports, “They were so into each other at first; he put on the whole show for her family just like he did with Hailey Glassman and her parents. It was five months of his pure laziness and her mounting frustration. She couldn’t take it anymore. He was lying around all day long, not contributing to anything and not working. He doesn’t even have his own friends. He even mooched his social life off of her.” [Perez]
  • Angelina Jolie, Nadya Suleman, and Kate Gosselin made’s Most Controversial Mom list. [Us]
  • Taylor Swift went on a bowling “group date” with Selena Gomez, Cory Monteith and others. “While everyone in the group seemed to get along great and had fun, Taylor received a lot of attention from Cory,” reports a source. “Several times while they chatted, Cory pulled Taylor close to him and gave her a big, loving hug. Taylor seemed to love the attention and was beaming.” Later she had lunch with Taylor Lautner… and her mom. [People]
  • Emma Thompson says Carey Mulligan will play Eliza Doolittle in the remake of My Fair Lady she’s writing. She added, “But we still don’t know about [Henry] Higgins I love Hugh Grant so I’d love him to do it, he might want to, he might not want to, so we don’t know yet. But hopefully we’ll make it later this year.” [BBC]
  • Paula Abdul is taking over for Priscilla Lopez in the Broadway musical In The Heights. An insider says it, “Seems as if [producer Kenny Ortega] wants Paula involved in this project… Ortega is hot to have her choreograph the film version.” [Radar]
  • Sanjaya Malakar received a $411 speeding ticket. A cop claims he was going 110 mph on a highway near Seattle. [AP]
  • Simon Cowell will receive an international Emmy award for haivng, “reshaped 21st century television and music around the world.” [Reuters]
  • Does anyone (aside from the folks at Star) really believe Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are secretly dating? Well, here’s more proof that they aren’t: He was spotted flirting with several “exotic beauties” at a club last night. [E!]
  • A source claims that when Matt Kemp gets back from spring training with the L.A. Dodgers, he’ll move into Rihanna‘s house in L.A. “He had boxes of his things brought over in mid-March. He’s training in Arizona now, but when he’s back he’ll be at her place,” said the “insider.” “He’s keeping his house, to see how things go, but they are so in love.” [ONTD]
  • Artist Dereck Seltzer is suing Green Day because he claimed the used a copyrighted image of a fang-toothed face in posters, music videos, and on the web without his permission. [TMZ]
  • Behold: The cover of Christina Aguilera‘s new album Bionic: [Perez]
  • Dennis Hopper is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Though she’s in a nasty divorce and custody battle with Hopper, his wife Victoria said, “Dennis has had a long and amazing career. He well deserves this honor. I hope he has a wonderful day.” [Access Hollywood]
  • A 24-year-old unemployed Frenchman who has not been named was arrested earlier this week for allegedly hacking the Twitter accounts of several stars including Britney Spears and Lily Allen. He’s out on bail and faces up to two years in prison. [The Star]
  • Kim Kardashian got upset when a reporter asked her about Reggie Bush during a fluffy interview about her nephew Mason. She said, “I’m not going answer any more personal questions. No more Mason, no more anything.” [Star]
  • Kim Kardashian said of her entire family getting killed off on last night’s South Park, “I managed to survive the longest… of course! Thanks Trey Parker and Matt Stone…we’re honored!” [Celebuzz]
  • In a lengthy post today, Roger Ebert said of the cancellation of , “It isn’t only At the Movies that died Wednesday, it was a whole genre of television… At the Movies was one of the last survivors. It didn’t fail so much as have its format shot out from beneath it.” He added that he and his wife are workin on a new movie review show that will have “a strong Web presence.” [NYT, Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Holly Hunter says of Saving Grace, “I think it’s great for the writers and actors to know this is the final season. It offers an opportunity to bring the show to a conclusion and it helps with how you’re going to get there. The worst would have been to have the plug pulled and told to pack your stuff and get out…We had five episodes to really hone how we wanted the show to end and I think it’s going to be exciting and unpredictable for viewers.” [Reuters]
  • “Honestly I don’t care if my poof is in style or not-it’s me. I don’t care if people like it, they don’t like it-that’s my style. Obviously girls are loving it because everywhere I go, I see a poof.” — Snooki [Allure]
  • When asked if she wants Nicolas Sarkozy to run for re-election, Carla Bruni said, “As a wife, I don’t really want him to… Perhaps I am afraid he will let his health go. Perhaps I wish to live what time we have left in some peace?” She added that she’ll “go along quietly” with whatever he decides. [AFP]
  • Bar Refaeli says she’s glad she and Leonardo DiCaprio took a six month break. “I worked on myself [and] I grew up. I didn’t know what ‘alone’ was like. Today I know that a relationship can work only if you know you can be alone and you are not afraid. Today I’m not afraid of being alone.” She added, “I am there for him and I am at all the events. I just don’t walk in hand-in-hand with him. I don’t see any reason. I don’t need to strike poses with him in front of the cameras.” [People]
  • Even though John Corbett denied that he’s in SATC 2: Electric Boogaloo earlier this week, today he admitted to Ellen DeGeneres, “I just found out I’m going to be in the trailer so I get to break the news …Aidan gets to come back to Sex and the City… I felt really bad because for the last six months every time somebody said, are you in this movie? I had to lie about it.” [Us]
  • In the video at the link Maggie Gyllenhaal discusses how she perfected her English accent for Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. [Telegraph]
  • Amanda Seyfried says she was nervous her fans won’t like her playing a sexually aggressive character in Chloe. “I think the risk factor came with [the worry] that I might not pull it off,” she said. “And also that the nudity might – could potentially, I don’t know – create some damage with my American audience. It’s sad to say, but it’s true.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • “I feel like I’m old enough that I’m not a hipster. I was pre-hipster. I was an alternative kid. I was a skater kid. I went to hardcore shows. My older brother was a hardcore kid. I was pre-hipster. It was when they were more specifically defined youth cultures. And now, for some reason, I don’t know. I think that, just because of the time that I came to or something, maybe having to do with X-Girl and that was the beginning-the Beastie Boys apparently are the godfathers of hipster-ism, or whatever you want to say. I don’t know the terminology, because I don’t adhere to it. [Laughs.] I don’t even know. Why am I thought of as so hipster?” — Chloe Sevigny [A.V. Club]
  • There are two new Janet Jackson singles making the rounds, but she says she isn’t working on a new album. “There was a time where I was actually in the studio and I was recording, but I’m not working on an album,” she says. “There have been a lot of record labels that have asked me to sit down and talk with them, but I don’t know if I want to do something completely independent, or go with a major.” [Rolling Stone]
  • Rodney Jerkins, the producer of Lady Gaga‘s “Telephone,” says, “We haven’t seen an artist like Gaga in a long time – we haven’t seen an artist that really has no fear. I remember Michael Jackson used to tell me he was crucified for doing “Thriller,” but he had to do what he felt was needed at that time. I’m just happy to be part of history. The “Telephone” video broke records from getting so many views so fast. I’ve always wanted to leave my stamp on music, and to be able to say that I worked with Michael Jackson [on “You Rock My World”] and now I’m working with Lady Gaga, who’ll probably go down in history as one of the best female entertainers of all time – it’s amazing!” [In Touch]
  • Miley Cyrus says she realized she liked boyfriend Liam Hemsworth when he opened the door for her. “I was like, I have been in L.A. for three years and I don’t think any guy has actually opened the door for me,” she said. [People]
  • “I’ve not taken like acting lessons or anything but it doesn’t mean I don’t need to because I’m sure I do. Once I watch [The Last Song] in the theatre I’m probably going to go book an acting coach.” — Miley Cyrus [Telegraph]
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