Jesus & Madonna "Just Friends"; Kiefer & Jack Put Headbutt Behind Them

  • Jesus Luz went on a Brazilian TV program, Fantastico, and said of Madonna: “She is my friend, only my friend.” Hmm. Wow. Okay. He also said:

“Madonna is a person who I admire very much, a friend who has entered my life and [with whom] I keep in contact. I cannot say anything more than I don’t have plans of marrying her. I can’t say if she is the woman in my life.” Dammit! Are they shagging or not? What does it mean? [Gatecrasher, The Sun]

  • Lily Allen: Not impressed by Susan Boyle! “I thought her timing was off on Britain’s Got Talent on Sunday — no control, and I don’t think she has an amazing voice.” And! “She seems like a lovely lady but if the show is about talent, then that Shaheen kid should win.” [Daily Mail]
  • Aww, Kiefer Sutherland and Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough have kissed and made up! Well there was no kissing, but the two did issue a brief joint statement: “I am sorry about what happened that night and sincerely regret that Mr. McCollough was injured,” Sutherland said. “I appreciate Mr. Sutherland’s statement and wish him well,” McCollough said. Then a unicorn jumped over a rainbow and gumdrops and structured dresses fell from the sky. [USA Today]
  • Kiefer‘s headbutt incident caused some drama on the set of the film he’s working on. [Daily Express]
  • Guess who was out drinking Thursday night? Kiefer Sutherland. He had his 21-year-old daughter with him. [Page Six]
  • Check out the toothless picture Demi Moore posted of herself — from the dentist’s chair — on Twitter. Nice glasses. [Daily Mail]
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg has won the best actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in Lars von Trier’s Antichrist — in which she does unspeakable things to the genitalia of Willem Dafoe. Congrats! [AP]
  • Tragic: Mike Tyson‘s 4-year-old daughter is on life support after she was found with her neck caught in the cord of a treadmill. [AP, NY Post, NY Daily News]
  • Cate Blanchett spoke at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen yesterday, saying: “Australia’s best climate scientists have been warning us that we’ll face many more catastrophic fire days in south-east Australia unless the world acts to dramatically cut greenhouse pollution. We have the ability to kick start the low carbon economies of the future right when we need to, and that’s now.” [Breitbart]
  • Natalie Cole has been released from the hospital five days after getting a kidney transplant. The memorial service for her sister, who died from lung cancer the same day Natalie received a kidney, was held yesterday. [People]
  • We’ve heard this a zillion times, but now it’s confirmed by his “people”: Mel Gibson‘s girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, is pregnant. [People]
  • “Actress and Scientologist Kirstie Alley is on a Twittering crusade against a bill that would provide money for screening, diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression.” Here are some of her Tweets:”I have to get you all info on THE MOTHER’S ACT. this is this lousy BILL that would give BIG BROTHER the right to force you to drug ur kids” And: “AND MANDATE that when you are pregnant, YOU MUST take drugs if a Dr. tells you to. THIS is BIG BROTHER at his finest. More on this soon moms.” Plus: “I am organizing a MILLION MOM MARCH to protest this BILL. It just keeps rearing it’s head. BACKED 100% by BIG PHARMA. MOMS UNITE!!” According to a spokesperson, the “Mother’s Act,” sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Bob Menendez, will not force “expectant mothers or new mothers to do anything.” The spokesperson says: “Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry has had nothing to do with this bill. We frankly have no idea where they get this stuff.” [Politico]
  • Lindsay Lohan will star in The Other Side, an indie comedy Katie Holmes was supposed to make. Apparently Katie was really into the script, sending notes and stuff, and then there was a scheduling conflict. This is the one with Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, Alanis Morissette and Dave Matthews; Lindsay will play a grad student who goes to spend her summer doing research on a remote island, where she discovers a community of eccentrics who share a secret. [Yahoo via E!]
  • While Monica Bellucci was at the closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival, burglars stole about $112,000 worth of jewels, a laptop and such from her Paris apartment. It’s so To Catch A Thief! [Reuters]
  • Whoopi Goldberg cut her Las Vegas stand up show short on Friday night after a man in the audience had a seizure and collapsed. [TMZ]
  • Amy Winehouse‘s mom, Janis, says Amy drinks because she’s bored. “Amy knows her drinking ruined the performance. Of course her band is frustrated, but even they can’t stop her. It’s just another one of Amy’s addictions getting the better of her. It’s yet another demon she has to beat. She came off drugs on her own so I know she’ll stop drinking too much too. It has to be her decision though, no one else can stop her.” [The Sun]
  • Colin Farrell will be the best man when his gay brother Eamon Farrell marries his partner Steven later this year. [Daily Express]
  • Shocker: Jon & Kate Plus 8 is staged, says Kate’s sister-in-law Julie. She blogs: “When the show first started, Kate made a wish list of things that she wanted, and that became the theme of each episode – the carpet, twins’ room, bunk beds, cow, hair plugs, teeth whitening, trips, etc. EVERYTHING that you see them do or buy is completely paid for out of the budget for the show or traded for free advertising … The episodes are also staged. Here’s how it works … there is a staff of people reading these blogs and they base the shows around what people are talking about.” [MSNBC Scoop]
  • The Real Housewives Of New York are getting a raise: Next season they’ll get “upwards of $30,000 per episode.” Raise your hand if you feel impoverished now. [NY Daily News]
  • Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly says that producers “have seen that I haven’t picked up on the opportunity to become a big movie star. It frustrates [them] that they’ve given me this chance to become the next Angelia Jolie” yet she hasn’t gone after it. She adds: “Sure, I’d love to be her, but just the humanitarian side.” [Page Six via Women’s Health]
  • Desperate Doused Wives? Teri Hatcher jumped into the pool fully clothed after performing with her charity group, “Band From TV,” at Miami Beach’s Shore Club. [Page Six]
  • Mandy Moore loves watching the cagefighting mixed-martial arts of the UFC: “It’s the best way for me to get out my aggression,” she says. “The rush of adrenaline, being in an arena with 20,000 screaming people-it’s overwhelming in the best way.” [Maxim]
  • Kevin Bacon‘s BlackBerry was stolen at a subway station in NYC on Thursday — and KB totally chased the guy! Unfortunately, he didn’t catch him. [Daily Mail]
  • Liz Taylor is in the hospital, but it’s only a routine visit. Also: La Liz hearts Twitter. [MSNBC]
  • Brooke Shields: ‘I was a virgin until the age of 22 because I didn’t like the way I looked.'” [Daily Mail
  • Rapper T.I. played a farewell concert to an arena packed with 16,000 fans Sunday night; he’s due to report at the Federal Correction Institution at Forrest City, Arkansas by noon today. [USA Today]
  • Unsolicited uterus update: Model Adriana Lima is reportedly three months pregnant; she eloped with NBA player Marko Jaric on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. [Gatecrasher]
  • Are you wondering if the Jonas Brothers are fizzling out as a Disney franchise? Here’s a 1,114 word story that will sort of, but not really, answer that question. [NY Times]
  • In this interview with Michael Bay, he divulges that the new Transformers movie takes up huge chunks of computer memory with its special effects. The first Transformers took up “an astounding 15 terabytes,” and the sequel required 140 terabytes. “That breaks every record,” says Bay. Also: Did you know he directed that old Aaron Burr “Got Milk” commercial? [LA Times]
  • Phylicia Rashad, aka Claire Huxtable, is taking over as the mother in the Broadway play August Osage County. This article notes, “In a notable flourish of so-called nontraditional casting, Ms. Rashad inherits a white stage family of three daughters, a husband, a sister and other relatives.” [NY Times]
  • Are Kylie Minogue and her hot hottie gonna get married? []
  • Not that you care but: “Peter Andre tells Katie Price it’s ‘too late’ to reconcile, as he spends first day back with his kids.” [Mirror]
  • Morrissey has canceled more tour dates due to illness. [BBC News]
  • For the last few weeks, there’s been lots of buzz about the book Hollywood producer Jon Peters was going to write — with details about Barbra Streisand and so on — and now his book deal is off. Although he’s still going to write a book. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • “A Night Out With” Nia Vardalos includes Greek desserts, men yelling out blessings in Greek, and Rita Wilson dipping her tongue in a shot glass of Jägermeister, with Vardolos urging, “Do it, do it, do it.” [NY Times]
  • Sly Stone — previously reclusive — has been taking the stage lately, to support his 27-year-old daughter Novena Carmel, and her band, BabyStone. [CNN]
  • Two Scottish cities are fighting over Groundskeeper Willie of The Simpsons. Is there nothing else to do? [The Sun]
  • Grumpy Paul McCartney is reportedly “furious” about the switch to digital cable. “He doesn’t think it’s right that you have to either go to the trouble of getting an adapter or you have to buy a new TV, which he should do anyway,” says a source. “You’d think he’d have an apartment full of flat screen TVs but really, he’s got these old clunky sets in this tiny New York apartment.” [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Attention, Black Magic Women: Tomorrow, Carlos Santana will kick off a two-year residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. [USA Today]
  • RIP Jay Bennett, former member of the band Wilco. [E!]
  • Tony Curtis called Joan Collins a “****” but it’s tough to figure out what those stars stand for. [Daily Mail]
  • Liberty DeVitto, who played with Billy Joel for 30 years, has sued the singer claiming he’s owed overdue royalties. [UPI]
  • Do you want to read a quote from Heather Mills‘ ex-fiancé, Chris Terrill, in which he compares her to a tornado? Then by all means, click the link. [Mirror]
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian made a whopping $70 million over the last four days; Terminator Salvation made about $65. [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Phish tour: Sold out. Go find your tie-dye. [UPI]
  • Simple Minds return with a new album but the same defiant attitude.” [Daily Express]
  • Blind item! “What seemingly sweet small-screen starlet is actually so nasty that she won’t speak to anyone on set until she ‘has her face on?'” [Gatecrasher]
  • “It was a divine beginning and it went on becoming more romantic. He took more attention than you can imagine to make sure you were sexually OK, with tiny wee cushions everywhere so one was comfortable. I never knew anyone who gave one such tiny, exquisite attentions. It was like having a wonderful parrot who bites everyone else but you. Everyone said: ‘Oh Serge, he’s so dangerous.’ I said : ‘Oh yes, he is,’ but really, he was a pushover – very sentimental, very romantic.” — Jane Birkin, on Serge Gainsbourg. [Guardian]
  • “I don’t take myself so seriously. All these people think I do. Look, a lot of people think it’s fun to hate on Michael Bay. There’s a lot of poison on the Internet. People always try to knock someone who’s had a ton of success in movies. Whatever.” — Michael Bay. [LA Times]
  • “Becoming a mum was the single most profound, self-adjusting moment in my life. I birthed myself. It’s like I took back my life. I took back the essence of who I am.” — Thandie Newton, who struggled with bulimia before she got pregnant. [Times Of London]
  • “Very swiftly we turned into two different people, and it’s just hard. He’s angry with me that he’s home and I’m not. Yet he doesn’t really feel great about me, so he wants me to travel. It is so involved I almost can’t put it into words. I think the thing that makes me the maddest is: Jon made some mistakes and he was out and whatever, and that made people question him. I’m doing what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing. I’m working and traveling. [which led to reports that she was having an affair with her bodyguard].” — Kate Gosselin. [AP]
  • “Since I’ve played for years, I get a little break. I think if I were doing rock music, there would be more doubt because there’s such a great tradition of actors doing rock music so badly.” — Steve Martin, on his banjo playing and bluegrass album. [NY Post]
  • “I have never tap-danced in my life and I was kicked out of the choir in the fifth grade because I can’t sing, but for this movie I had to tap-dance and sing in one scene… when I was supposed to be nine months pregnant. So I had tap shorts over fishnets around a fake pregnancy belly, and when I put my arms up to tap-dance in front of 300 people, my pants fell down. It was like embarrassment laid on top of embarrassment laid on top of embarrassment.” — Sarah Chalke, on shooting the Lifetime movie Maneater. [NY Daily News]
  • “For me, it’s not a pastime, going out and meeting people and trying to hook up with people. That actually makes me feel disgusting. From a really early age, I was really sensitive to that. Getting your flirt on is the best thing in the world, but when it comes to sharing bodily fluids with a person I don’t know — no thank you.” — Katy Perry. [Gatecrasher]

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