Jim Bob Duggar Thinks America's in the Midst of 'A Baby Holocaust'


In case you thought that Jim Bob Duggar’s comments over the weekend comparing the liberal Americans to Nazi Germans and conservative Americans to the United States army during World War II weren’t polarizing enough, he’s gone a step further, explaining that the number of fetuses aborted in America is equivalent to “a baby Holocaust.”

On Saturday, Duggar spoke at the Values Voter Summit, where he told a story about an exchange that he was not even present for. It was a conversation that occurred between fellow patriot Mike Huckabee and his daughter while they were visiting a concentration camp:

As they were walking out of that concentration camp, he said little Sarah looked up at him and she said, ‘Daddy why didn’t somebody do something?’ You know what, that’s where we are at in our nation,” Duggar said. “Do we want our children, when we’re going to tell them about how great America was, they’re going to look at you and say, ‘Why didn’t somebody do something?’

He then told the crowd that they were “the army that can go out and impact America.”

Duggar has continued speaking the truth this week while campaigning for Republican and potential Virginia Governor Ken Cuccinelli II. As he’s had more opportunities to share his thoughts with the world, one might think Duggar had realized that perhaps he went a little far with his comparison of liberal Americans to Nazis. Unfortunately, as the Daily Press reports, Tuesday was not that day. Instead, it was the day for Duggar to specify that the true Nazis are pro-choice Americans:

“Let me clarify,” he said.
“We have since 1973 (when Roe v. Wade was decided) had 55 million abortions, so what we have going on is a baby holocaust,” Duggar said.

Josh Schwerin, the spokesman of Cuccinelli’s opponent Terry McAuliffe, thought that maybe, just maybe, Duggar had gone too far this time, saying, “It is shocking that Cuccinelli would accept the support of a man who last week publicly compared the United States to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.” We should probably cut Jim Bob, a former Arkansas representative, some slack though. He just doesn’t know anything about abortion.

Jim Bob Duggar Compares US To Nazi Germany During The Holocaust [Right Wing Watch]

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