John Edwards Is Suicidal, Or So Says The Enquirer


As it’s been several weeks since we’ve had a John Edwards update, The National Enquirer has provided a tale about the disgraced politician telling friends he’d rather commit suicide than face a trial over campaign finance violations connected to his payments to Rielle Hunter. While we usually consider the rag even less credible than OK! (at least they have the dignity to print lies on nicer paper), since they broke the story of Edwards affair we have to at least consider the possibility that they’re right again.

The Enquirer (via the Daily Mail) reports that one of Edwards’ close friends believes he’s suicidal. The source explains:

“He knows that if he’s indicted, prosecutors will try to get him to serve jail time and make an example of him. He’s absoluetly despondent over the fear of prison … Over the last year, he’s lost about 20 lb and friends are concerned that he’s escaping reality with booze …
In early March, his legal team told him there was a strong chance he could be indicted, and John completely lost it. He cried his eyes out and said, ‘I won’t go to jail. I’d kill myself first!'”

Edwards is said to be “extremely distraught” over the fact that committing suicide would make his three oldest children, 28-year-old Cate, 12-year-old Emma, and 10-year-old Jack, orphans since Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle with breast cancer in December. He took the children to a beach resort recently, and another source says, “the trip was a way for him to say goodbye.”

Yikes. We highly doubt the accuracy of this story, since the Enquirer previously reported that Edwards was happily engaged to Rielle Hunter, just three weeks after Elizabeth’s death. That probably isn’t true either, but for future reference, we prefer our fabricated gossip stories tawdry, not terribly morose.

‘I’d Kill Myself First!’ John Edwards ‘Suicidal’ Over Facing Jail, Claim Pals [Daily Mail]

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