John Mayer Photoshopped the Fuck Out of This Instagram Selfie. Maybe.


John Mayer got a lot of Internet bloggers’ heads scratching today when he posted this overly manipulated/filtered image of himself to Instagram on Monday.

Mayer shared a pic he snapped with his pal, College Humor co-founder (and Allison Williams fiance) Ricky Van Veen.


Well, that certainly looks a little teeny bit different than we’re normally used to seeing Mayer:

So did he go a little overboard with the Ludwig or Crema filters or is he just fucking around with us? LET THE BLOG SPECULATING BEGIN!

Take it away, Daniel Barna of Refinery 29:

I saw the photo in question on my feed as well. Why, you ask? Because the photo Mayer posted was the most heavily filtered, airbrushed photo I’ve ever seen of a celebrity Instagram — Kim Kardashian included.
My initial reaction was that Mayer was simply trolling his followers. The singer has always had a sense of humor when it comes to his own fame, and considering Van Veen co-founded the comedy site CollegeHumor, the two pals were likely just goofing around.

A likely theory.

Many celebrity Instagram accounts experts believe this is a protest statement against the shackles of fame artists on social media are burdened with and Mayer is calling attention to the tyranny of beauty standards.

Believable enough.

His fans think he’s simply poking fun at how other celebs filter the shit out of themselves so, so much that it’s gotten a little silly at this point.

Could be.

Or maybe not.

Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t Photoshopped at all. Maybe all the other pictures of Mayer are the overly manipulated ones. Maybe Mayer has been Photoshopping his pictures this whole time. Maybe he does really look like a life-sized rubber doll and all the other pics and videos you’ve ever seen of him are nothing but manipulated images to make him look like he has “character.” MAYBE isn’t even a real human at all. Maybe John Mayer is actually a very humanistic robot sent here from a far off planet to conquer our world through soft pop rock blues songs? Haven’t you wondered why this photo coincidentally happened to surface on Mayer’s account just days after the announcement that human sized robots were now being marketed in Earth homes? Did you ever stop to think about that? I bet not.

Wake up, sheeple.

Images via Instagram, Getty.

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