John Travolta Is the Father of a Girl

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John Travolta Is the Father of a Girl

John Travolta, a man I best remember as the guy who developed psychic powers after getting a “backwards brain tumor,” is now bald, coming out with a new movie, and has created some children, one of which he is very fond of: In an interview, the actor lavished praise on his daughter Ella Bleu Travolta, now 19 and coincidentally embarking on her own film career. She recently appeared in The Poison Rose, a bad movie about a high school football-star-turned-private investigator, along with her dad and Morgan Freeman. But her virtuosic performance as a high school student in Texas accused of killing a star quarterback is not her only redeeming quality, says Travolta, who has forged her into the competent adult she is now through the sheer force of his love for his girl:

“She is her own person. She is gracious, generous, poised, graceful and gorgeous. I don’t know how she came to be, and I don’t take any credit other than just adoring her,” says Travolta. “And maybe that’s a valid contribution.”

Travola also happened to mention his other progeny, a boy named Ben, who has some hobbies:

“He’s into gymnastics, tennis, fishing and the computer world, like all the kids.”


Dorinda Medley is a person who had a long boring summer and cares deeply about hair removal, from what I can gather: She’s just returned from the Berkshires, where the Real Housewives star owns a massive English-style manor filled with taxidermied animals and paintings of herself wearing a snake as a necklace, which is honestly very impressive. You’d think that the pressures of such a lavish vacation home might inspire a person to keep appearances up—particularly since I just learned she chose home renovations over a facelift—but according to Page Six as really “let herself go” during the languid, hot months of the summer. Upon returning to civilization, the first thing she did was shave her legs, a story the website devoted some 300-odd words to:

“I just got back from the Berkshires,” she explained. “My legs are the first thing I shave — I let it all hang out at the Berkshires.” However, “one of my worst nightmares is to be photographed with a hairy leg or armpit. Personal grooming is very important. It is very millennial now to let it all hang out, but I disagree.”

[Page Six]

Justin Bieber is a pastor now: the God-fearing singer took the stage at Beverly Hills’ Churchome to sing a song about the Lord for the first time. He wore a beanie:


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