JoJo Siwa Got Drunk at Disney for Her 21st Birthday

The gay pop pioneer got litty with Mickey and you know what? I know a cringe icon when I see one.

JoJo Siwa Got Drunk at Disney for Her 21st Birthday

Over the weekend, JoJo Siwa rang in her 21st birthday the exact way I privately wanted to but because I then had some measure of shame, did not. (Instead, I blacked out in a club like all the other newly-legal lames.) That’s right, the pioneer of gay pop music took her lawful drinking age self down to Disney World and—like every single time I go to the House of Mouse—got disorderly at the World Showcase in Epcot.

On Sunday, a series of TikToks showed what appears to be an amusingly inebriated Siwa swilling syrupy cocktails, skipping around multiple countries in a rhinestone construction outfit complete with “Finally21” glasses, and leading a laughably low-energy sing-a-long with her fellow Mouseketeers. Jojo was also captured staggering through the park and chugging a pink drink that—from experience—I know to be the Violet Sake from the Japan pavilion. If you happen to watch any of the evidence, please pay added attention to the commentary. 

@leggomeggo69 Replying to @Amelia Mannetti @:/ Here is us and Jojo. Sorry we didnt know your lyrics 😭#jojosiwa #drinkingaroundtheworld ♬ original sound – Leggomeggo69

“That’s Jojo Siwa and she’s drunk off her ass,” a woman said off camera in one video, her contempt audible. She’s not alone. In another video, Siwa was forced to invoke the 10 Commandments and scolds a group of onlookers for either not knowing or refusing to sing along to “Karma.” Frankly, none of these squares have ever had a Tsingtao, followed by a Viking Coffee, then a Canto Loopy in the span of 45 minutes and it shows! Imagine being embarrassed for her…

On the very intriguing guest list for Siwa’s excursion appeared to be Tyler Cameron of Bachelorette fame and G Flip. Both can be seen in the background of multiple TikToks. Hey, why not?

Because this kid was born sans the shame of us mere mortals, she hopped on TikTok after leaving the park only to confirm that she was, in fact, “drunk as fuck.”

@karissamcmahon Met JoJo Siwa in Epcot on her 21st birthday! #jojosiwa #dancemoms #epcot #21stbirthday #jojo #drinkingaroundtheworld #averycyrus #karma ♬ Karma – JoJo Siwa

“It’s my 21st birthday! I’m drunk as fuck right now!” she told the camera, a menagerie of liquor in the background. She also confided that she’d sustained an injury: “I got punched in the eye…it was really bad, but I’m OK.” Unfortunately, there were no other details as to how she got punched in the eye or who did it (my money’s on Donald Duck…bastard) but such is the allure of JoJo Siwa, after all. One minute she’s sharing things I couldn’t be paid to learn, and the next she’s withholding crucial plot points like the tantalizing storyteller I know her to be.

Of course, the comments section under every video of Siwa’s time at Disney is positively choc full of haters, but the last time I drank around the world (three months ago) my brother and I got into a fight over who loves our cat more so, I’ll never be among them. And if Siwa happened to ask my advice, I say keep up the cringe content campaign!

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