Jon Stewart's Latest 'Fuck You' Is So Big It Needs a Gospel Choir


Did you hear? The website glitches on the Obamacare enrollment site are so terrible that even Jon Stewart has turned against the White House. EVEN JON STEWART. Cancel it! Cancel it all! Cancel healthcare both public and private! CANCEL HEALTH IN GENERAL! All because Jon Stewart says something is lame.

…At least that’s what the cable news media (particularly Fox News) is currently saying. However, as Jon Stewart points out, “the jokes we do on our show seem to accomplish very little” — and he makes his argument with the help of a gospel choir!

So while the jokes of The Daily Show may provide a healthy bit of catharsis in trying times, really, to borrow the words of the choir, “they don’t do shit.” If anything, they just dull “the populist anger that could really change the systeeeeeeeem.”

Talk about a (not-so) Greek chorus!

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