Julia Finkelstein's Ariana Grande Impression Is a Smash


Good luck finding a better internet video today. You may recognize actor/impressionist Julia Finkelstein for her previous popular video impersonations of Ariana Grande, in which she showed off her uncannily subdued impression of the pop star (baby voice: yeah). The most recent one dropped in October, a few days after Ariana’s split from Pete Davidson.

Well, Finkelstein has truly outdone herself this time with a one-take, 6-minute parody of Vogue’s 73 Questions video series. Finkelstein’s Ariana is so chill she seems minutes away from a coma, acutely aware of her own adorability, mush-mouthed when in song, and at times, oddly earnest. Some of her answers to the inane questions in this video aren’t even jokes—they just seem to be legitimately what Finkelstein thinks grounded pop queen Ariana would say. It’s sweet? This is one of those impersonations like Maya Rudolph’s Whitney Houston that is destined to intertwine with the image of its source in my brain, rendering the impersonator and the impersonated virtually indistinguishable. Finkelstein’s Ariana is Ariana (the embodiment becomes even more uncanny when you think about how Ariana Grande is a master impressionist in her own right).

I’m not giving any of these jokes away as I think everyone should experience these pleasurable six minutes for themselves, but do keep an eye out for the impromptu rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as well as the shoutout to the funniest person on Instagram, Lauren Servideo.

Here’s Finkelstein’s previous perfect Ariana video, in case you missed it:

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