Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Are Really Annoying (To Each Other)

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Are Really Annoying (To Each Other)

Everyone is annoying, especially when you’re confined to a box with them for an indefinite amount of time. Is it really that surprising Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are climbing up the walls to escape each other’s presence?

On a recent episode of their Facebook show, The Biebers, the horny lovebirds—but mostly Hailey—opened up about their marital woes. As they often do!

“I think just being in each other’s space a lot and not having ways to necessarily always go do other things… it’s definitely hard sometimes. I think we probably both annoy each other a lot sometimes. I think I purposely… bother you and do things that are just like annoying. And then you bite me! So don’t even try.”

Most curious of all their frequent annoyances, however, was his admittance that he sometimes blasts her with a Nerf gun. Do they even sell those anymore?

At one point during the show, Justin repeats the assertion that they’re “newly married” and they lean heavily on their church community to get them through the bickering. Coming from a church background myself, I understand that most 20-something couples will use “newlywed” to describe themselves until at least their fifth year of marriage, or second kid. But is there an official cut-off, for the rest of us, when “newlywed” no longer applies? 200 Us Weekly headlines and 10,000 Instagram captions feels plenty past the expiration date. [Hollywood Life]

Stormi Webster did something cute and people are talking about it!

Vera Wang is hot and dresses well. For some reason, this shocks people?

How else is a 70-year-old supposed to look and dress? I mean, this seems pretty standard to me:

Anyway, TMZ insists I’m supposed to be flabbergasted by a 70-year-old woman who looks and dresses like a 70-year-old woman. What’s gotten into them? Perhaps they’re going stircrazy too. [TMZ]

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  • Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm went on a racist tirade against a radio host in Charleston. She later “apologized,” but me and radio host Mika Gadsden “aren’t buying it.” [Page Six]
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