Justin Bieber Still Thinks He Can Kick Tom Cruise's Ass

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Justin Bieber Still Thinks He Can Kick Tom Cruise's Ass

I’m beginning to think that celebrities only interact with James Corden and his quaint little Carpool Karaoke setup when they want to be annoying—considering, well, I’m sure I don’t have to finish this particular sentence about the talk show host. Anyway, I’ve found the rule of thumb to be especially true for Justin Bieber, who spent the majority of his time on the show talking about how he still thinks he can beat Tom Cruise’s ass, a lie that is both comical and extremely overplayed!

Back in June 2019, Justin Bieber made a series of bizarre claims to any paparazzo that would listen, tweeting out things like:


This ultimately wasn’t true. Bieber later conceded that he was actually quite weak and could never take on a strong man like Cruise in any conceivable future fight scenario. It baffles me, then, that James Corden has resurrected this ancient tabloid story almost eight months later, long after anyone notable or quotable has even mentioned it. Anyway, if you like punishing yourself, you can watch the cringeworthy clip below.

There are more important things to concern yourself with, in the Bieberverse, dude! Like what Hailey’s been up to: Is she okay, has she met with lawyers, and does he still call her Goo Goo? You’re a late-night host, occupying a primetime slot with all the money that network television can afford you, Corden. Give the people what they really want! [New York Post]

Things that are hard for normal people are also hard for celebrities, including remembering to text your mother back, filing your taxes, forcing yourself out of sweatpants, and, most notably, showing up at your kid’s football game and hanging out with your ex-husband and tabloid-famous boyfriend slash competition singing show co-judge. Gwen Stefani knows that struggle!

In a series of photographs obtained by the Daily Mail, Stefani and ex-husband Gavin Rossdale sat on near-opposite ends of the bleachers during her son Kingston’s football game. For moral support, Stefani arrived with boyfriend Blake Shelton, while Rossdale showed up with nobody on his arm—model, nanny, or otherwise. Sad! [Daily Mail]

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