Justin Bieber's Mustachioed Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Is Out of a Job Due to 'Moral Failures'

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Justin Bieber's Mustachioed Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Is Out of a Job Due to 'Moral Failures'

Here’s a spot of interesting gossip that is not, thank god, related to politics, unless you count the inner workings of a massive, “hip” mega-church as inherently political! It would appear that Carl Lentz, the one-time “spiritual confidant” to famous people like Justin Bieber, and head pastor at Hillsong, has been released from his position as mustachioed Jesus-lover for unspecified “moral failures.” Hmmmmm!

Accordidng to a statement written by Hillsong founder Brian Houston and obtained by People, Lentz was dismissed after “ongoing discussions in relation to leadership issues and breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures.” Houston also said in the statement that it would not be “appropriate” to discuss further details of what happened with Lentz and the church. Well! I’m intrigued! My knowledge of megachurch culture is woefully thin, but Lentz’s whole shtick has fascinated me for some time.

Lentz had a falling out with Justin Bieber sometime in 2018, in the wake of Bieber’s engagement to Hailey, and was a faithful counselor to ol’ Biebs during his Selena Gomez years. He is also responsible for baptizing Bieber. He dresses like a religious Terry Richardson and loves the good Lord above, and now that he has been dismissed for “moral failures,” I am hopeful that someone out there who knows what these “moral failures” are will now feel free to speak on them out loud, in public, so that I might know more!! Sneaking in and around unverified blind-item gossip Instagram account Deux Moi reveals that maybe it was the drinking, the women, or the support of BLM. Could it be all three? Could it be other stuff?? I don’t know! If you DO know, please email me. Thank you! [People]

Just like the rest of us, who are all making small changes to their holiday plans because of the pandemic, it seems Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are disappointing their relatives in England who just really wanted to see lil’ baby Archie for Christmas.

Rumor has it that Frogmore was locked and loaded for their return, but the couple decided not to make the journey.

“Everyone was so looking forward to catching up with them, as well as Archie,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly following news that the 17-month-old and his parents will remain in the United States over the holidays. “They’re looking forward to making the most of things regardless.”

Listen, I know that nowhere in this item does it say that this is because of the pandemic, but I’m assuming that that’s what Meghan told Queen Elizabeth when she asked her on the phone in increasingly icy tones if she and her grandson would be bringing her great-grandson home to the castle so he can pose atop a corgi for next year’s holiday card. The answer, mum, is NO! Archie’s gonna have a California Christmas. Better luck next year. [Us Weekly]

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