Justin Timberlake Cries on Stage After Kid Gives Him Birthday Present


Justin Timberlake was brought to tears at a concert on Sunday, thanks to a little boy who has been a fan for almost his entire life.

First off, before we get into the emotional adorableness of this moment, yes I do acknowledge that this is probably the most poorly shot video we have ever featured here on Jezebel. I have no idea why the hell the whole thing is sideways and apologize for the crick in your neck you’re about to get from watching this (but trust me it is worth it). I hope sideways shooting doesn’t become a thing from now. Vertical phone filming has already turned family members and close friends against each other. This could tear our whole society apart.

Moving on. Timberlake got a present from a 10-year-old boy who told him he’s been a fan of his since he was two years old. Timberlake opened the present to discover a bow tie. And that’s when he went all mushy.

“Hey man, greatest gift ever,” he told the boy. “Because a gentleman can never have too many bowties.”

“I love you, kiddo,” he said, walking away and wiping his eyes. “Shit, that got me.”

Celebrities. They are overly-emotional about adorable things kids do, just like us.

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