Kate Middleton's Tiny Waist Gets Slimmed Down Some More


Evidently, the British edition of Grazia, a popular glossy weekly, was unsatisfied with Kate Middleton’s alleged brideorexia. While their graphic designers were cutting out a bridal shot to put against a Union Jack, they took the liberty of slicing at the princess’s already-narrow waist.

Here’s the cover in full. But wait, you say. The Duchess of Cambridge is indeed very thin!

But it’s fairly obvious when you zoom in just on the lower torso. (Click to enlarge).

Grazia also appears to have elongated Middleton’s torso. Though there are minor differences, the two pictures above line up pretty consistently, from her hairline to her chin-line — until you get to the waist. (See pink lines).

Sorry, Princess. Even on your wedding day, met with near-universal praise for your look, apparently you could use a little slim-down help from the art department.

Hat tip Katharine Viner.

Grazia denies any tinkering; they tell us “no changes whatsoever were made to the image to make the Duchess with the purpose or effect of making her appear slimmer.” Oh. Our bad.

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