Katy Perry's 'Harleys in Hawaii' Should Go Straight to Hell


Nah: Katy Perry, “Harleys in Hawaii” – Many aging rockers would like a word with Katy Perry, who is not-so-ambitiously trying to steal their retired-American-motorcycle-Hawaiian-vacation vibe. This track is a bit more apathetic than I’m used to Perry sounding, and the result is an unmemorable tune about nothing. Take that Harley, and ride it straight to hell. At least then there would be some fire. —Maria Sherman

Obviously: Missy Elliott, “DripDemeanor” feat. Sum1 (video) You have to appreciate the way Missy Elliott uses hair as an avant-garde canvas. In the video for this slow jam from her recent EP that was a long time coming, she rocks an electric-blue high ponytail, a structural updo, and glow-in-the-dark waves. Low-key choreo and Missy in a leather catsuit? Yes. —Clover Hope

100000% Yes: J Balvin and Bad Bunny, “LA CANCIÓN” (music video) – The best song on J Balvin and Bad Bunny’s collaborative Oasis album, “LA CANCIÓN,” now has a music video as sexy as the single. Where is this 1920s speakeasy burlesque club that specializes in romantic reggaetóneros? And can I get an invite? —MS

Yes: Vagabon, “Every Woman” – “Every Woman” is the center of Vagabon’s self-titled album, out this Friday, and every time I listen to it I feel my breathing slow. When her deep vocal tone, “All the women I meet are tired,” transforms to “All the women I meet are fired up,” in a later chorus, there is no question of her power. The video, too, is absolutely gorgeous—directed by filmmaker Lino Asana from Cameroon, Vagabon’s home country. —MS

Y: Poolblood, “Dreamer” – I love pop-punk that manages to go against the grain, even just slightly. Poolblood, the project of Toronto’s Maryam, introduces Philly-style indie to the palm-muted power chord formula, ridding the genre of its past inadequacies without stripping it of its childlike enthusiasm. And “Dreamer” is nothing if not enthusiastic. Also, Poolblood is signed to Shamir’s Accidental Popstar Records, which should probably be argument enough for you to give this one a whirl. —MS

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