Kell On Earth: More Employee Problems At People's Revolution


People’s Revolution has an employee-turnover problem, with several assistants getting fired or quitting, and their replacements getting sacked before they even start. On last night’s episode, more attempts were made at hiring employees, only to be met with scandal.

First up was Mallory, who had a considerable amount of experience in fashion PR with high-end lines—but as the People’s Rev crew would later learn—her experience wasn’t very pleasant. After Robin offered Mallory a senior-level position of account executive, she returned to the office after a long weekend to discover that a big scandalous story about Mallory was published in NY Post‘s Page Six. Mallory had allegedly stolen $97,000 (!!!) worth of jewelry from a client at her previous PR job, from which she’d actually been fired even before the theft was discovered. It seems like these kinds of issues could be avoided if someone had actually called her references.

After the Mallory fiasco, Robin managed to find another suitable candidate for the job—a seemingly competent woman named Grace—who presumably did not have a criminal record, and was subsequently hired. In an attempt to cut down on overhead, Kelly decided to rent out one of the floors of her business that the company had been using as a sort of showroom of their clients’ merchandise. The change presented an organization and storage challenge, requiring the employees and interns to pack up all the merch and clear out the floor. Apparently there’s an unspoken rule at People’s Rev that everyone has to stay at the office as long as people are still working. However, Stefanie Skinner told Grace that she no longer needed help with the task, and Grace went home, which initiated a shitstorm.

As much as I have personally always hated that rule of “everyone stays until everyone is done” (particularly when it’s clear that your work is done, and your help is not needed or wanted), I understood Kelly’s frustration with Skinner. That girl has been freaking herself out all season about her insane workload—which has resulted in tears, lack of a social life, a breakup, and the $1,550 a month she pays for her veritable closet of an apartment she never spends time in. She’s been begging for additional staff to help her out. It didn’t make any sense that she would want to stay late and send an extra pair of hands home.

And now for some fun facts about Kelly that we learned:
1.) She’s best friends with Justine Bateman.
2.) She pays her mom’s rent and phone bill.
3.) She used to have a singing career, was once signed by Atlantic Records, and toured with the Brand New Heavies.

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