Kenya Moore Defended, Then Apologized for Wearing a 'Native American Headdress' As a 'Costume'

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Kenya Moore Defended, Then Apologized for Wearing a 'Native American Headdress' As a 'Costume'
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It has been some time since I’ve watched Real Housewives of Atlanta, but if memory serves, Kenya Moore is not the brightest candle in the chandelier. My most recent memory of her is something something Gone With the Wind fabulous,” so I suppose it is not surprising that she is in trouble or something like it for her curious choice of costume on a recent episode of the show.

The episode in question aired Sunday night and showed a Halloween costume party—always tricky for the Housewives! Kenya opted to go for what she referred to as a “Warrior Princess” look, which is not how I or anyone else with rational thought would describe a feathered headdress. Here is what Kenya Moore looked like in this ‘stume.

That doesn’t seem like a wise choice of costume for Kenya, and I am in no way attempting to defend her choice, but I’d argue that the Real Housewives franchise um, struggles, with any costumed event. Please recall Luann de Lessep’s 2018 Halloween costume, which was “Diana Ross.” She wore a big-ass Afro wig and was roughly the color and texture of fresh adobe. (She says it wasn’t blackface.) It should’ve been clear that these women cannot be trusted with a costumed event, and that they should be excised from the canon. Perhaps they will consider that for 2022. Until then, we have Kenya, who initially defended her choice to wear this costume by claiming that it was “part of her heritage.” Ma’am….. if we must…. okay.

As more people became angry at her choice, she backpedaled her way into an apology obtained by Page Six, saying “I now realize that this was both disrespectful and insensitive and would never have done it if I had that knowledge and understanding beforehand. I regret it. When you know better, you do better. I am genuinely sorry.”

Sorry is fine, but again, I implore Andy Cohen and the cadre of demons working under him that enact his every whim to reconsider the Halloween costume portion of those proceedings in exchange for literally anything else! [Page Six]

Pardon me, I’m sorry, I did not want to do this but I have to: Were you aware that Khloé Kardashian’s name is pronounced Khlo-ay? I wasn’t, because I didn’t think there was actually an accent aigu over the e, but I am wrong. Here’s my favorite man (he is not), Andy Cohen, clarifying.

It’s Khlo-ay. Khlo-ay. Khlo-ayyyyyyy, if we’re being fresh. Khloé, so that, I guess, it rhymes with Beyoncé? Ack, I hope the Kardashians haven’t figured that one out, and if they haven’t, I”m sorry for putting it out into the world. However, there you have it. It’s not Beyon-ceeeeeee, it’s Beyoncé; it’s not Khlo-eeeeeeee (or Khole, which is a typo I make sometimes that stays), it’s Khlo-AY. Khlo-Ay. KhLO-Ay.

Thanks, Andy. Appreciate all that you do! [Us Weekly]

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