Kesha Thanks Her Supporters After Her Court Ruling, Is 'Beyond Words in Gratitude'


Days after a New York court ruled that singer Kesha was still under contract with the Sony label managed by her alleged abuser Dr. Luke, the pop star finally posted a message to fans and other music industry peers in reaction to their influx of support.

The performer uploaded a selfie onto her Instagram account, expressing her gratitude in the photo’s caption to the Internet denizens of the #FreeKesha movement.

“I am beyond words in gratitude,” the singer wrote, adding that “thank you is not enough but is all I have.”

The post comes after a torrent of tweets and other messages on social media were broadcasted following the outcome of her legal battle, which has barred her from releasing new music with another label. Her request for a preliminary injunction was denied by the New York Supreme Court on Friday, February 19.

The ‘gram went up the same day TMZ obtained and released a video of a 2011 deposition in which Kesha denied that Dr. Luke had ever drugged her with roofies or sexually assaulted her. Her lawyer, Mark Geragos, has since spoken out against the clip, claiming that the pop star was threatened by Dr. Luke before the deposition took place, and was subsequently coerced into giving a false testimony.

She also promised to release a full statement “too large” for the social media platform in the near future.

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