Kesha Told Rehab Doctors About Alleged Dr. Luke Sexual Abuse

Following Kesha‘s allegations that noted producer Dr. Luke sexually and physically abused her, a source close to the singer and her lawsuit says that Kesha, while in rehab for an eating disorder earlier this year, began telling doctors about her assault and that the doctors have written record of their counseling.

According to TMZ:

When the singer went to rehab in January for an eating disorder, she “spontaneously” began telling doctors stories about Dr. Luke … that he drugged her, sexually abused her and physically assaulted her. The sources say the doctors kept notes that will become evidence in her lawsuit.
As for why Kesha never went to the cops, the sources claim Kesha had a Stockholm-type syndrome … she had been with him for more than 8 years at the time, and she didn’t have “free will.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Luke is claiming that Kesha and her mother Pebe Sebert are trying to extort him. The producer revealed an email — allegedly from Sebert — that threatens to unleash a bevy of information, unless Dr. Luke agrees to release Kesha from her contracts and give Sebert the rights to all of her music.

From People:

[Luke’s attorney Christine Lepera] also claims that in an emailed dated October 29, 2013, Kesha’s mother wrote, “Tomorrow I am going to start making public how Dr. Luke blackmailed me into giving him and Circuit publishing credit, on all songs I wrote on warrior, with Kesha and other writers and producers …We, me and kesha and her friends … are going to make all of this Really PUBLIC, in the next few days. Luke date raped Kesha when she was 18. Nicky Hilton’s birthday? Paris Hilton’s house? Luke gave Kesha pills? She ended up naked in his hotel room 2 days later, no longer a virgin? Do we want all this to come out? Either this Luke releases Kesha from all legal contracts, and gives me back all my publishing, or we, Kesha and I. tell the truth. And if I wind up dead, TRUST ME, IT’S IN WRITING TO CALL YOU AND LUKE.”

Not sure how this email disproves Kesha’s allegations, but one thing is for sure: Dr. Luke’s people are trotting out all of the old tricks to discredit his accuser.

As his rep told TMZ:

“[Kesha’s] statements are false. It is important to note that these are just the latest in a series of bizarre public statements and actions by Kesha and her mother over the years, including Kesha’s claim her vagina is ‘haunted,’ her drinking her own urine on her reality show, and her mother dressing up as a penis on the television show.”

Again unclear on why any of this precludes a person from being sexually assaulted.


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