KFC Is Helping Teens Ask Each Other to Prom with the Chicken Corsage


I have no idea what to make of this information. Apparently KFC, that place that sells the chicken fried in the style of Kentucky, has taken up the charitable cause of aiding awkward teens choose a partner to get gussied up with, eat dinner with, and then grind up on to crappy Top 40 hits. Man, viral marketing is getting out of hand. I blame Tim & Eric for the all-too-meta awkwardness that is popular media.

The Chicken Corsage is exactly what it sounds like. A small bouquet of flowers to be tied to a young lady’s wrist with a drumstick on top (chicken obviously not included). It costs $20 and includes a $5 KFC gift card so that you can customize the corsage with the drumstick of your choice: Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

The whole thing is a little uncomfortable and just plain weird—just like prom! It’s also pretty suspicious because it looks like one dude has been going around asking girls to prom with chicken:


As far as promposals go, this might be one of the worst ideas. Everyone knows the key to a girl’s heart is baby back ribs.

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