Khloe Kardashian Seems to Have Named Her Son After a Different NBA Player Than His Dad

"Naming a human is really hard," Kardashian tells James Corden in the season premiere of The Kardashians, before finally revealing the child's name.

Khloe Kardashian Seems to Have Named Her Son After a Different NBA Player Than His Dad
Photo:Raymond Hall (Getty Images)

Khloe Kardashian has finally revealed the name of her son, who turns 1 in July, and it happens to be the last name of a famous NBA player other than the child’s father, Tristan Thompson.

In the Season 3 premiere of The Kardashians, Khloe reveals to former Carpool Karaoke host James Corden that her son’s name is “Tatum.” It’s unclear whether she intentionally or unintentionally meant to honor or was inspired by Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics (probably not, but it’s funny to think so.) Tatum’s actual father is, of course, Tristan Thompson of the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom Kardashian has been constantly denying rumors that she is dating again as they co-parent.

“What else is new in your life? What’s happening?” Corden asks her in the episode.

“Not much. Oh, I had a baby,” she replies, which is exactly what I’d say if I’d delivered a whole human since I last saw an old friend.

Corden then makes the (quite good, I’m reluctant to admit) joke that since her and Thompson’s daughter is named True, she must have named their son “False.” Kardashian laughed and said, “Naming a human is really hard.”

So she didn’t go for the obvious joke with her son’s name, but she did stick with the classic Kardashian alliteration in naming children. True and Tatum do sound nice together.

I’m also glad Khloe didn’t reveal the baby’s name right at birth and then decide more than a month later to change it (from Wolf to Aire, in Kylie’s case). A baby’s name, I think, is something you should maybe be pretty sure of before you announce it to an audience of hundreds of millions of people.

At any rate, congrats to Khloe and Tristan, and also to Jayson Tatum, who didn’t even have to marry or have sex with a Kardashian to be honored as part of the family.

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