Kim Kardashian Offers Tips For A Happy Marriage In Marie Claire

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Marriage can be tough, but luckily Kim Kardashian of two months ago has shared some cliché tips on what makes a union work. In the new issue of Marie Claire, Kim reveals that the secret to 72 days of marital bliss is, “Taking care of each other’s needs and being there for someone unconditionally.” The wise old married lady adds, “I feel like where we’re at right now is the best time in my life … We have a lot of trust, and I don’t think either of us would do anything to break that. It makes life so easy.” She also says of her future ex Kris Humphries, “He’s such a good guy; he is so down-to-earth, and it’s such a reality check. He is a normal guy, and I just want to chill out and be normal and not get glammed up all the time. He gets it.” [Radar]
Kim‘s lawyer says that while she’s abandoned her dream of being laid back and slipping out of her fake lashes every once in a while, her marriage was 100% for reals. Laura Wasser says, “Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham.” Given what we know about celebrity lawyers, it’s not plausible that they would lie to the press about a client. [TMZ]

It’s not like Brad Pitt to say something that’s obviously controversial and then retract his comments after a day or two of dominating the gossip news cycle, but today he says he isn’t really retiring in three years. “I wasn’t putting an exact deadline on my expiration date (as an actor) but I just see it coming and I do have an interest in the producing side,” he says. [HR]

Things are so rough at the OWN Network that even Oprah‘s best friend Gayle King is jumping ship. Gayle will be hosting CBS’ Early Show, and OWN executives say they’re “so happy for Gayle’s opportunity of a lifetime.” [The Wrap]

The Teen Mom 2 trailer actually convinced me that I need to stop watching. I’m not emotionally equipped to handle another season of Jenelle and her mom fighting and that dirtbag emotionally abusing the leopard-print enthusiast. [E!]

  • The renowned personal finance advisors at Radar don’t think Kate Gosselin should still have a bodyguard now that her show has been canceled. How else is she going to generate tabloid reports about her steamy affair? [Radar]
  • A landowner in Malibu is suing NBC Universal for filming episodes of Bethenny Ever After on his property. He says he leased the home to two people who then subleased the house to the network without his permission. [TMZ]
  • Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner have called off their engagement. [Us]
  • Heavy D‘s autopsy results were inconclusive. There were no illegal drugs in his system, but he had been prescribed a drug for a cough that could have been pneumonia. [RS]
  • Damian McGinty says tonight’s episode of Glee is “quite a big growing-up episode for Rory,” which shouldn’t be all that interesting for viewers since we barely know Rory. [EW]
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