Kim Kardashian Shows Ellen Pics of Kanye Giving Nori a Piggyback Ride

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Kim Kardashian taped an appearance for the Ellen show — which will air today — armed with an arsenal of extremely cute and endearing photographs of her offspring and her fiance Kanye West. One of them, which I have tentatively named the World’s Best Photograph, depicts a beaming Kanye giving the baby a piggyback. (It would make a perfect elaborate back tattoo, just saying.)

Kim also spoke about her pregnancy, which she says was “really tough” due to medical issues. When Ellen said that women have often called pregnancy a “beautiful thing,” Kim interjected with the World’s Best Quote: “They are lying. They are lying to you. I’m telling you.” THE MATERNITY CONSPIRACY, FINALLY BLOWN OPEN.

In closing, what sort of deal do Kim Kardashian and Ellen have worked out? Why is it that, whenever Kim would like to share media of herself or her offspring clinging onto Kanye West (i.e., Bound 2), she takes it to the Ellen Degeneres Show? Do you think it’s something mystical or, like, has Nori already been promised a cameo in Finding Nemo 5? (more cute pics at the link!) [Daily Mail, Ellen]

Lady Gaga reached out to a pregnant teen on her Little Monsters website; the teenager wrote that she was scared and confused and worried that her dad would be furious with her. Gaga responded, “Tell your parents, everything will be ok. You just need their support
right now. Don’t be scared… Just tell your mom privately… Don’t worry
honey don’t be scared. Any decision you make is the right one and you’ll
be ok.” [ONTD]

Lovable average guy Shia LaBeouf has apologized once more; this was an original apology, though, and it occurred after he drunkenly headbutted a person at a bar. He then proceeded to talk to a patron about how he’s just a normal person. Okay, Shia. [TMZ]

  • Oprah Winfrey says that shooting the Lindsay Lohan documentary has been “bumpy”; she does not really know where Lindsay is sometimes (does anyone, though?). [E!]
  • In other Oprah news, every single person at the Critics Choice Awards got a picture with her. EVERY PERSON THERE. If you’re in a room with Oprah and don’t take a photograph of yourself beside her you should be expelled from the planet. [Pop Sugar]
  • A tidal wave of extremely expensive things arrived at Kate Moss‘ house on the occasion of her 40th birthday. [Hello!]
  • Duck Dynasty has had a bit of a ratings decline. [Inside TV]
  • Professional beautiful person Orlando Bloom was “very flirty” with fellow professional beautiful person Margot Robbie at some party. [Page Six]
  • I clicked on this link about a “bus full of bunnies” because I thought it meant literal rabbits overflowing from a vehicle, but it’s Playboy bunnies 🙁 [Page Six]
  • Adam Levine sent Blake Shelton a giant copy of his People Sexiest Man Alive poster. And now we know what they put in the gift basket you receive the moment you walk through the gates of hell. [People]
  • Former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock — who is a wedding dress designer (and amateur poet!) — is designing two separate dresses for her wedding. [Radar]
  • Prince Harry quit his job as a helicopter pilot; he’ll now work as an Army staff officer in London. [E!]
  • No one from the cast of The O.C. wants to have a reunion except for Summer Roberts. [MTV]
  • Here’s a photo gallery of Kardashians in topknots (Kardashians in Topknots the band name is totally up for grabs; you’re all welcome). [VH1]
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