​Kim Novak Calls Out the Haters with an Open Letter

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Actress Kim Novak has finally decided to address the whole situation regarding the Oscars and the general mockery she received for showing up to present with Matthew McConaughey in a Facebook post. The 81-year-old veteran decided she was going to stop holding in her frustration and just let these bullies have it:

After my appearance on the Oscars this year, I read all the jabs. I know what Donald Trump and others said, and I’m not going to deny that I had fat injections in my face. They seemed far less invasive than a face-lift. It was done in 2012 for the TCM interview special. In my opinion, a person has a right to look as good as they can, and I feel better when I look better.
When I was honored at the Cannes Film Festival last year, I received an overwhelming standing ovation. Yet, in Hollywood, after the Oscars, I was bullied by the press and the public on the Internet and TV. The only difference that night was that I had taken a pill to relax—that I shouldn’t have taken. I had been fasting for three days and it affected my behavior. I regret taking it.
However, I will no longer hold myself back from speaking out against bullies. We can’t let people get away with affecting our lives. We need to stand up to them in a healthy way by speaking out, working out and acting out. I am speaking out now because I don’t want to harbor unhealthy feelings inside me anymore.

Damn, lady. Tell ’em. I feel like there’s a special place in the ambiguous hellishness of the afterlife reserved for people who make jabs at 81-year-old women. [Uproxx]

Dolly Parton (Miley Cyrus‘ godmother in case you forgot) may have been a pretty solid supporter of Miley’s antics in the past, chalking it up to the need to separate herself from the Hannah Montana image. But now Dolly has a few concerns about how much slack Miley’s fans are willing to give her:

“I hoping that she holds it in the road and doesn’t do so many things that are that bizarre…I don’t think the crowd would be so forgiving again if she did anything else that was really offensive. I don’t want it to overshadow her talent.”

Ah, sweet Dolly, looking out for the wee ones. [Page Six]

  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner brought their bodyguards to Coachella. The body guards did not wear acid-wash hammer pants and Jefferson Airplane crop tops like I imagined: :-/ [Just Jared]
  • Here’s a picture of Kelly Cuoco and her sleeping horse. It looks pretty cute until you realize that horse actually looks like he’s had it up to HERE with her antics while he’s just trying to catch some motherfucking shut-eye. [Just Jared]
  • Cameron Diaz can’t even fucking wait to get older. Just watch her, you party poppers. [Inquisitr]
  • John Legend is worried that Kimye‘s appearances on reality television could be dangerous for their relationship. This is the dude who got Kanye to do a verse on his song about how yeah, he cheats but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. [Mirror]
  • Good Morning America promoted Lara Spencer to co-host, and conveniently told nobody. [TMZ]
  • Neil Patrick Harris straight up yelled at a heckler in the middle of a Hedwig and the Angry Inch performance. The fourth wall may never be properly reconstructed again. [Page Six]
  • So I guess Tila Tequila is 10 weeks pregnant. That’s a thing. 😐 [Just Jared]
  • Nigella Lawson is definitely allowed to enter the island country of New Zealand. Still not allowed to enter the United States though. [Inquisitr]
  • Gordon Ramsey joined David and Victoria Beckham on a hike around the Grand Canyon. The video is a weird example of hiding in plain sight. [TMZ]
  • Sofia Vergara understands that people like things including “eating, loving, sex.” Sofia Vergara: The People’s Woman. [Pop Sugar]

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