King Cry-Potato Glenn Beck Wants to Build an Ayn Rand Theme Park


Glenn Beck, champion of even-keeled ideas, has a great plan to ruin your summer vacation and/or life with a new planned community/theme park hybrid called Independence, USA. Independence, USA will combine the long lines of Disney World with the Christmas light regulations of the suburbs or, in Beck’s own words, the “principles of the free market” with a place where families can “find happiness, inspiration, courage and hope.” FUN.

From Beck’s website:

Glenn believes that he can bring the heart and the spirit of Walt’s early Disneyland ideas into reality. Independence, USA wouldn’t be about rides and merchandise, but would be about community and freedom. The Marketplace would be a place where craftmen and artisan could open and run real small businesses and stores…
There would also be an Media Center, where Glenn’s production company would film television, movies, documentaries, and more. Glenn hoped to include scripted television that would challenge viewers without resorting to a loss of human decency. [Remember when Beck may or may not have boiled a frog to death on live television?] He also said it would be a place where aspiring journalists would learn how to be great reporters.
Across the lake, there would be a church modeled after The Alamo which would act as a multi-denominational mission center. The town will also have a working ranch where visitors can learn how to farm and work the land.
Independence would also be home to a Research and Development center where people would come to learn, innovate, educate, and create. There would be a theme park for people to recharge and have fun with their families.
People would also have the option to live in Independence, with a residential area where people of different incomes could all come together and be neighbors.

What a delightful sounding cult/conservative paradise.

As of now, Independence, USA is just a dream nestled amongst all the other Sarah Palin/Mike Huckabee tongue-kiss dreams in Glenn Beck’s little pressure cooker head. Beck estimates that the project/delusion will cost approximately $2 billion, which, when converted into Independence, USA dollars, comes out to a fistful of beans and a musket muzzle.

Glenn Beck wants to build an Ayn Rand-inspired utopia [Salon]

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