Kristen Schaal Proposes Move To Libya Majora


Last night on The Daily Show, Kristen Schaal explained to Jon Stewart that since women were being shut out of the political process in post-revolution North Africa, the only solution was moving to Vagistan. Or Turkwomanistan. Or Boobados.

Stewart listened intently, until the sight of the holiest site of this female separatist colony — Double Domes of the Rock — popped up.

Schaal has been on the show five times so far this year, barely four months in. (That includes her takedown of the Republican’s “forcible rape” debacle, which resonated widely.) Compare that to twice in all of 2010 and twice in 2009, a lull after a more regular presence talking about gender in the 2008 election.

It’s great to see more of Schaal, whether it’s because she finished her book (released last summer) or because The Daily Show wants to keep “women’s issues” on the agenda after coming under critical scrutiny, or both. When Schaal reappeared after over a year’s absence last August, Rebecca Traister remarked in Salon that it was “the most welcome sign that someone at The Daily Show cares — not necessarily about fighting with Jezebel, but about demonstrating the show’s commitment to addressing women and their issues.” Everybody wins.

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