Kylie Jenner Seems Entertained by the Reactions to Her Son’s (Latest) Name Reveal

Jenner commented on a viral TikTok that playfully roasted the newly announced name of her son Aire, formerly known as Wolf.

Kylie Jenner Seems Entertained by the Reactions to Her Son’s (Latest) Name Reveal
Photo:Getty Images, @kyliejenner/Instagram

A week after posting the first photos of her almost-1-year-old son and revealing his name, Kylie Jenner seems to be taking the torrent of internet jokes in stride. In case you somehow missed it, her and Travis Scott’s baby’s name is now Aire, after she’d briefly named him Wolf and then changed her mind.

I admit that I, personally, find this new name pretty sleek, but I get the jokes—between “Stormi” and “Aire,” it sure sounds like Jenner and Scott are getting a lot of baby name inspo from the Weather Channel. Others have pointed out that “Aire” translates to “penis” in Arabic, which, OK!

Jenner, apparently, is at least able to laugh along: In response to a viral TikTok imitating both her and Scott weighing baby names based on the four elements (water, fire, earth, air) featured in Avatar: the Last Airbender, Jenner on Wednesday commented a string of laugh-crying emojis. She’s yet to weigh in on the ~discourse~ around her son’s name in any other way, so I’ll take this as a sign of good humor. See the TikTok that caught Jenner’s attention below:


What an accurate sound 😂 IB: @Massimo Mandato #kylie #travis #aire

♬ original sound – Giselle Carrillo

If you’re confused as to why, exactly, a single baby name has stirred up such a frenzy in the last week, it’s that prior to Jenner’s Instagram post last week, her son’s name was a mystery for nearly a year. She and Scott announced their son’s name was Wolf shortly after Jenner birthed him on Feb. 2, 2022. By the end of March, Jenner announced that the couple had changed their son’s name, but hadn’t yet made the name-change legal and didn’t “want to announce a new name and change it again.”


According to the rumor mill at the time, Jenner was motivated to change their son’s name because her ex-friend, influencer Tammy Hembrow, had a son at around the same time, also named Wolf. Fair enough! I get it! As the old adage goes, each of us is the reason at least one couple can’t give their child a certain name.

In any case, I do have lingering questions: How long has Aire been named Aire? Are there any cognitive delays in a baby learning their name if it’s changed or withheld over a certain critical period? Are any other enemies of Jenner’s currently pregnant and on the brink of naming their newborn Aire?

Amid all the name drama, the youngest Jenner has reportedly been dealing with other matters as well—namely her recent, reported split from Scott over the holidays. The two are apparently co-parenting as smoothly as ever, seeing as they’ve broken up and reconciled before. But this latest split, in particular, came after a series of aggressive cheating allegations lodged against Scott. And it seems for all her millions (and all the varying, alleged labor violations in tandem with these millions), she’s taking comfort from a break-up as any of us would: by scrolling through TikTok videos that mention her.

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