Larry Flynt Wants To Keep Taint From The Family Business


Porn magnate Larry Flynt is suing his nephews Jimmy Flynt II and Dustin Flynt for producing what he calls “inferior” porn and slapping “Flynt” on it. He doesn’t want to tarnish the family’s image.

Jimmy and Dustin worked for Uncle Larry in his porn-pire for ten hard years until Larry fired them a year ago both for being unproductive. He gave them $100,000 severance packages despite them never having really worked at much, which they used to start their own porno company and produce a number of films including such obvious porn gems as Positive Exposure and Sex at Your Service. Larry, the producer of such opuses as Nailin’ Paylin, has seen his nephews pornoriffic artistry and has declared it embarrassing to the Flynt family name and his preexisting porn empire that his nephews are trying to use to sell their inferior porn products.

Flynt’s suing to prevent damage to the good Flynt name in the porn business, even though he is pretty sure that his nephews will fuck up their new business and he’ll end up supporting them anyway. Dustin, the class one, had some thoughts to share with the press.

Dustin Flynt accused his uncle of filing the lawsuit out of “inferiority issues,” and said trademark lawsuits were “a way for big business and rich people to put a muzzle on the little guy.”
He said he worked his way up in the business over the years, and said his new film “surpasses anything Hustler’s ever done.”
“I spent a lot of blood, flesh and tears working directly for my family, and it wasn’t easy,” he said.

No, obviously, it was hard.

Porn Mogul Larry Flynt Sues Nephews Over Use Of Family Name [LA Times]

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