Lawmakers To Protect Teens From Leathery Skin, Cancer


With the urging of teen beauty queen Kayla Collier, Florida lawmakers are considering restricting teens from tanning salons. Collier, once an avid tanner, found her first melanoma scab whens he was only 16.

Collier is now 18, and she has fully recovered from her brief fight with skin cancer. She has become a central part of the growing debate on whether or not states should stop teens from visiting tanning salons. Currently 29 states have some regulation on tanning for minors, but some believe that tanning beds should be considered as dangerous, and as be just as restricted, as buying cigarettes. Others argue that it should be up to the parents whether or not teens can tan. Republican senator Mike Bennett is against the bill. “I gotta tell you, you cannot regulate everything in this world,” he said. “I suppose we could say the same thing and outlaw tanning on the beach.” [ABCNews]

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