Let's Hear It: Why Singing Makes Us Happy


Today the Telegraph explains why karaoke is so much fun, and it’s not just because of the booze.

Well, drinking is a part of it, according to Japanese Professor Takeshi Tanigawa of Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine: “Drinking responsibly with a good friend makes you feel happy and healthy.” However, there is also something about the singing itself that makes people happy, as Tanigawa explains, “singers use deep breathing, which is good for the nervous system. After singing, they usually receive applause. It is a good kind of social support, and helps in the face of adverse occasions or stressful events.” Singing also improves posture, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, and sends “feel-good” endorphins to the brain. All good reasons to bust out the old hairbrush/microphone now and start practicing for American Idol auditions. Or karaoke night. [Telegraph]

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