Let's Shop for Super Cute Kids' Clothes in 1976


Sesame Street debuted in 1969 and was in full swing by the mid-seventies. The 1976 JC Penney Christmas catalog was all over it.

Sesame Street everything, indoors and out. That rain slicker!

All of this looks very cozy.

Impressed by the model diversity.


Don’t forget the bedding.

Some non-Sesame stuff:

The red dress with the white apron and the dress with the blue bow? Adorable.

That kid at the top wants to sell you a used car.


While we’re hanging out in 1976, we may as well pick up some stuff for grown ups. How about jumpsuits?

These people look like they want to be left alone so they can swing the night away. Each couple is three seconds away from unzipping and copulating. (Also, if you like dudes with chest hair, 1976 is YOUR year.)

OOOH: His and hers low-rise bikini briefs. Rawr.

[1976 JC Penney Christmas Catalog via WishbookWeb]

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