Let's Take A Moment To Gawk At Prince Harry In A Tight T-Shirt


Yesterday, Prince Harry and Prince William — sorry, the Duke Of Cambridge — played in the Sentebale Polo Cup at Coworth Park Polo Club, Ascot, Berkshire. William played for team Tusk and Prince Harry played for Sentebale. Tusk won. But. More important: The press is breathlessly reporting that Harry “removed his short-sleeved top to reveal a tighter one underneath.” Shall we take a look?

Here we have Harry on horseback. Ride, Harry, ride.

Here, Harry is saying, “Dude. I’ve got abs. Abs! Ladies love abs.”

“I’m young and single and hot. Deal with it.”

Here’s Harry rushing to admire himself in a mirror. He also appears to be trying to tweak his own nipple.

If you prefer William, or horses, well, this is for you. Handsome! And the Duke looks good too.

Images via Splash.

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