LGBTQ Performers Are Still Treated Unfairly in Liberal-Ass Hollywood

SAG-AFTRA, in a survey of its members, found that over 50% of LGBTQ performers believe that Hollywood directors and producers are biased against them because of their orientation and/or gender identity.

The survey also found that the majority of LGBTQ performers have overheard or been subjected to higher-ups using homophobic and transphobic slurs.

M. V. Lee Badgett, one of the study’s authors, writes that “LGBT performers may have substantial barriers to overcome in their search for jobs.”

“Although our industry is heading in the right direction, there is clearly work left to do as certain attitudes and behaviors persist and continue to put pressure on actors to stay in the closet,” adds national co-chairs of the SAG-AFTRA LGBT Committee Traci Godfrey and Jason Stuart.

From Deadline:

According to the study, “gay men were the most likely to re­port they have experienced some form of discrimination, with one in five reporting an experience. Bisexual actors were about half as likely to report discrimination as gay or lesbian actors. Gender nonconforming gay and bisexual men were more likely to experi­ence discrimination, as were men who were out professionally.”
Twenty percent of gay men and 13% of lesbians who responded to the survey reported that they had experienced discrimination in the workplace. The study found that 9% of gay and lesbian respondents reported that they had been turned down for a role due to their sexual orientation, while 4% of bisexual respondents reported that they’d lost jobs because of their sexual orientation. The study also found that LGBT performers are less likely than heterosexual performers to have agents, “which may put LGBT performers at a disadvantage when looking for work.”

In more encouraging news, 72% of the LGBTQ actors from the survey said that they were glad that they were out in Hollywood and would encourage others to live openly.

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