Liam Hemsworth's No Good, Very Bad Sad Boy Summer

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Liam Hemsworth's No Good, Very Bad Sad Boy Summer

Not everyone is having a Hot Girl Summer. Liam Hemsworth, whose wife of less than a year recently dumped him for Brody Jenner’s ex, certainly counts himself among the unlucky few! The actor (whose IMDB credits I refuse to google on a Monday morning) apparently fled across the Pacific Ocean to Australia after news broke that Miley Cyrus and her Fendi bikini were tangled up in Kaitlynn Carter’s embrace on Friday. He remained silent throughout much of the weekend press cycle until ominously reemerging in sweats at a Byron Bay frozen yoghurt stand to issue a solemn edict to onlooking Daily Mail reporters:

“You don’t understand what it’s like. I don’t want to talk about it, mate.”

I’d normally disagree and insist on gossiping. Maybe my vacation has changed me in a significant way, because I think I’d rather leave it there! I have a feeling that this is a stew best left boiling—the richest flavors are still to come. [Page Six]

No matter how fast she drives in her “fucking Prius,” Faye Dunaway might never escape her disastrously brief stint in Tea At Five. (Once bound for Broadway, the play has since moved its ambitions to the West End.) Officially fired from the production for “hostile and dangerous” behavior, “show reports” obtained by TMZ reveal that the actress’ troubles extended beyond the backstage slapping and into her performances:

Faye brazenly asked for lines in front of a live audience, stopped the show to complain about lighting, and railed on backstage staff from the moment she walked into the theater. […] It’s pretty incredible … the show reports say Faye used an earpiece to get lines fed to her, but still managed to screw ‘em up! And, get this, the reports also say Faye exclaimed, “Where am I? Line?”

TMZ also reminds us: “Officially, the Hollywood legend was fired for allegedly slapping crew members and throwing objects at them—NOT for forgetting her lines.” However, in the wake of her departure we have yet to receive an explanation for the meltdown from the once-beloved actress. According to an eyewitness, she stopped the show to inform an audience member that their hat (presumably a bowler cap or fedora) were distracting to her thespian sensibilities. That tracks! [TMZ]

Unfortunately, Olivia Jade didn’t tag Jezebel in her comeback Instagram post.

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