Lisa Vanderpump Is Back in the Building

Lisa Vanderpump Is Back in the Building

Lisa Vanderpump fled the building in 2019 amid claims that she orchestrated some chaos at… uh… let me see if I remember this correctly: There was a pet adoption agency and then there were some rich ladies who adopted dogs and one said she gave a dog back and the other said she didn’t and then people fought about it and somehow Radar Online got involved.

Did I get it all?

Anyway, the former owner of the now-defunct Villa Blanca is back on television, after a few seasons spent languishing on the soon-to-be-defunct Vanderpump Rules. The trailer for her new series, Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump, is out over on E! and it is… certainly a show that stars Lisa Vanderpump!

According to an official press release, it has something to do with famous people going to a dinner party at Vanderpump’s sprawling manse, Villa Rosa. She will produce the series and appear alongside the likes of Tori Spelling, Lala Kent, Jeff Lewis, and Iggy Azalea—the typical E! fodder.

Page Six further reports that Vanderpump Rules, her other series, “is still in limbo amid the coronavirus pandemic.” Here’s to hoping it stays that way, while Beverly Hills’ most famous arson victim exhausts what’s left of her reputation with ridiculous one-liners, lavish table settings, and a whole lot of incomprehensible nonsense.

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