Listen to a Choir of Cats Interpreting a Run the Jewels Song


Run the Jewels, the rap superduo consisting of Killer Mike and El-P, have spent months promising Meow the Jewels, a forthcoming version of their Run the Jewels 2 album as interpreted by cats.

“Meowrly,” below, is an interpretation of “Early,” above, as aired on the duo’s WRTJ show on Beats 1. Produced by Boots, it gives cats an important voice in rap music, a voice they’ve been sorely lacking.

All felines deserve a chance to hear their favorite rap tracks in a form they can comprehend, and what’s available out there for them is often seasonal and lacking in swagger. Alternately, Meow the Jewels is a rare chance to deliver to cats and kittens a way to see themselves artfully, and truthfully, reflected in music that is relevant to cat culture.

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