Little Girl Devastated to Learn Deleted Photos Are Gone Forever


This tiny child is very, very sad, because she accidentally deleted a photo of her Uncle Dave and now it is gone and she needs another photo of Uncle Dave, pronto.

The video comes from 22 Words (h/t Laughing Squid). Little Cadence is four years old and has just learned a very important lesson about cameras; let’s hope she doesn’t have to learn about backing up her computer the hard way, too.

I really sympathize with the poor kid, since I was about her age when I threw a snazzy leaf into a river, realized I couldn’t get it back, and proceeded to have a complete meltdown, utterly confounding my father. This, on the heels of a similar meltdown which required he remove me from a matinee of Ernest Saves Christmas, because I didn’t believe Ernest was going to save Christmas.

Children are very emotional, is my point.

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