Looking Inside Other People's Fridges Is So Deeply, Deeply Satisfying


Mark Menjivar began photographing people’s fridges for his series “You Are What You Eat” in 2007. He spent four years snapping pics of 60 fridges in an effort to explore eating habits and identity throughout the United States. Then, he decided to check back in with some of the people four years later. He’s showcasing those fridge revisits at an exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography, and they’re still fascinating. What is it with looking at people’s fridges? It’s so voyeuristic and satisfying on a lizard brain level. Plus, snooping is the American way, and so it’s basically our patriotic duty to zoom in on all the photos.

I love looking at the pictures so much that I took a photo of my fridge because why not? Also, we don’t have the rights to publish any in the photo series, so uh. I got creative. As you can see, I love tofu, condiments, assorted seasonal nogs, delivery (MY QUEEN, MY EVERYTHING) and Brussels sprouts. AND YOU??


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