Looks Like I May Have Saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine?


Just last night, I was complaining about how Brooklyn Nine-Nine, perhaps the greatest television show I (n)ever watched, had been cancelled. Well, the people who control television heard me (and you!), and now a bevy of networks is reportedly looking to save the series from cancellation.

Please, don’t clap for me. All in a day’s work. And it only took a few hours.

Deadline reports:

This is a fan reaction to a TV series cancellation the magnitude of which we have rarely seen: Three hours after news broke of Fox not picking up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for Season 6, the cop comedy was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter, going head-to-head with the biggest TV event in the world, Eurovision. Joining the show’s legion of fans in lamenting the cancellation were celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Seth Meyers and Mark Hamill.

Eurovision, people! TBS may have interest in the show. It could also be NBC. Netflix is a distant possibility, too. But according to Deadline, Hulu (which previously picked up The Mindy Project) is “the most likely” new home for Andy Samberg’s funny cop show because they’ve already got SVOD rights.

There are even fan petitions, y’all. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was highly rated and lauded on Fox, but who knew so many of your friends watched??? And what kind of life have I been leading not watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine? I feel like watching the entire series right this minute!

But all we must do at this moment is pray for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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